Black People Can’t Shoot, So What Really Happened in Dallas?

It’s true: black people can’t shoot. Gangbangers can’t even aim, which is largely why their impulsive, uncoordinated selves shoot so many black bystanders and children during their rampages.

And Black Bullshit Matters, the Soros-funded protest movement, is a bunch of fat adult-baby sociology majors and even less academically-inclined scum.  Not the kind of stonecold smooth operators who could conceive a coordinated sniper attack, let alone carry it off.

Whether cops died in Dallas for real or not, I don’t know.  I assume a lot of people really died in Maidan Square.  The Maidan Square shootings started a war.  Perhaps the Globo-Jomos are ready for their war here.

I hope Vox Day is correct that, since Americans didn’t surrender their guns for kindergartners or for nice dead black church ladies, they won’t surrender them for a few dead Texas cops [NB:  Vox Day presumably accepts the “official” narrative about Sandy Hook, Charleston, etc.].  In principle, I agree that law enforcement taking a hit should no more turn us against our sacred gun rights than the deaths of any other population.  But of course, the Jewish gun grabbers are determined to keep turning up the heat, nuking that frog in the pot if necessary, and many gullible sentimentalist fools will swallow it all, believing that “guns are the problem”, and that “society is out of control.”

Personally, while I agree that America’s cops should not be trained to take mere fear as a justification for shooting (public servants should not take the attitude that their own personal safety is their number one moral priority), I fail to see any great societal ill in the occasional shooting of persons with rap sheets a mile long.  If America has a “problem” on that front, it’s that there isn’t more of a forty-seven-strikes-and-you-swing-from-a-lamppost mentality in operation.

But in the case of this shooting in Dallas, the presumption of anger should be not against the police but against BLM and the racist anti-White hate mongering of Barack Obama and his administration.  That much is true, whether the snipers were real, bought, or imagined.

If genuine, “home grown” black-originated attacks, these shootings are a violent and sinister watershed, one which argues urgently for the need to elect Donald Trump and put an end to the racist anti-White grievance mongering of liberals, White and black alike.  We need the rule of law, and the removal of black bullshit artists and their empowerers from all positions of authority, especially in the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and in the judiciary.

But given the falseness of Sandy Hook, Charleston, Oregon, San Bernardino, and likely Paris, Brussels, and Orlando, and given the overwhelming fact that blacks are notoriously lacking in planning, coordination, secrecy, stealth, and accuracy, it does not– and I say this with as much kindness toward the black race as I can still muster– but it simply DOES NOT pass the smell test that blacks, of all people, could pull off such a challenging operation.  I don’t even think they have the balls for it; I certainly don’t believe they have the skills.  Is Neil DeGrasse Tyson a real “astrophysicist”?  Now thank real hard, Doc, thank . . . .

And yet, going by my gut, this time the cops may really be dead.  We shall look further.  But the Bolsheviks in our midst do want real violence, whoever much they may so far have skirted the law by filling up some remote FEMA camp with the relocated “victims” of their staged shootings.  Adding real dead cops to the mix probably tickles the genocidalist-Jewish mentality to no end.  After all, unlike the Sandy Hoaxers, cops aren’t true believers, even if doubtless many of them have been bought off for their cooperation in the past.

Such an event as this absolutely is not the “fault” of guns.  It is the fault of living in a society which failed to secure its peace and prosperity by sending its inassimilable population back to Liberia and closing the borders against further unassimilables.  It is the fault of a fake-moralistic elitist class of anti-White hand-wringers who refuse to admit the necessity in a lawful society of shooting intractably violent and unpredictable black suspects, most of whom have lengthy criminal histories and were clearly up to mischief at the time of their demise.  It is the fault of a damnably faggoty media class of Bill Mahers and John Olivers and Jon Stewarts bullshitting glibly on screen for the edification of promiscuous co-eds and other losers doomed to work in the leasing offices of apartment complexes while eerily maintaining the “right” to vote.

It is the fault, above all, of every Jew who maintains the groundless race-supremacist dogma that it is the peculiar destiny of the Jewish people to interlope into every productive society on earth and tell its people what to do, and is willing to forfeit every modicum of common human decency in order to lie, manipulate, fabricate, arm-twist, fear-monger, and power-grab until they provoke internecine conflict, disarm the populace, inflict debt-servitude upon the masses, and propagate a risible program of deliberate dumbing-down and deracination by mongrelization in order that at last they, for all their well-documented mental deficiencies, can come out on top and rule over a homogeneously dehumanized world.  Well, f**k Barack Obama, and f**k J*w too.

Needless to say, if Dallas is another psy-op of the Holder/Lunch Lady “Justice” Department, or an act of war courtesy of George Soros, that is all the more reason to elect Donald Trump and pray that these traitors be brought at last to justice.  Donald Trump is not the end of all this, but he promises a beginning to an end.  May God save us all from this campaign of tyranny, whoever is behind it and whatever they have done.


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