Kara’s Youngji (or should that be Kara=Youngji?) Draws 2,000 fans in Japan

For those who, like myself, found themselves really loving the late era 4-member Kara lineup with “Nation’s Mouth” Youngji, here’s some interesting and gratifying news [which for some damn reason I can’t make the link to, but this is from koreaboo:  http://www.koreaboo.com/trending/koreans-shocked-at-the-number-of-fans-who-attended-youngjis-solo-fan-meeting/%5D

Youngji recently held her first solo fan meeting in Japan, hosting about two thousand adoring fans in a packed venue. 

And while her group KARA is no longer active after members GyuriSeungyeon, and Goo Hara chose not to renew their contracts with the group’s agency DSP Media, fans were surprised to see how popular Youngji still is in Japan. Noting that Youngji was only a member of her group for two promotion cycles, Korean fans were impressed at just how popular KARA must be for Youngji to receive such love and attention with a solo fan meeting.

In addition to the two thousand fans who attended the event, Youngji was also joined by DSP Media junior girl group April, who helped her perform a short set of songs for fans. KARA members Gyuri and Seungyeon also surprised Youngji by sending video messages to the event to show their support and cheer her on.

–Wow. Did you hear that?  Gyuri “Kara is not dead” sent a personal cheer-on message for a DSP Media Youngji event.  So if– if– Gyuri and Seungyeon truly believe “Kara is not dead” does that mean Youngji is welcome to join in the KARAsurrection?!

Sigh.  Have I told you how good the Youngji-era albums were?

And April was there too!– but still no Hyunjoo.  I am getting very worried about her.  We haven’t heard anything new in a month.  If these headaches and fainting whatevers aren’t going away, she may be really ill.  Or even if she isn’t desperately ill, she may be too weak to continue as an idol.  I pray she will be well, and hopefully will return soon with April.  I very much like April, and while I’ve been fanboying up a storm lately for Oh My Girl as well as of course for Lovelyz, the Spring album, though not as great as their debut, is pretty nifty and I think they have it to be one of the all-time great K-pop girl groups (like Kara!).  Indeed, since “Dream Candy” is billed here as the best music video of 2015 it’s fair to say they’ve already achieved an immortal greatness– but I hope Hyunjoo and the gang, and Youngji either solo or with the KARAsurrection (has a ring, doesn’t it?) get to continue to share all their beauty and talent with us, for many years to come!

Youngji April 3-11

–Hey wait a minute.  Does this presage Youngji joining April?!?

Well, anyhoo, congratulations to Youngji on drawing 2,000 fans in Japan.  It truly is gratifying, and I hope your star will continue to shine!


One comment

  1. OMG this is so “fasc”:

    –seriously, this stage may be where the 80s began again. WE MUST HAVE KARASURRECTION!!! Kara, the global Trumpening NEEDS YOU!

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