Who, you ask, was Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

Well, as it turns out, some kind of bigshot inventor of the Industrial Revolution.

[Ed.: Who’d you think he was, some Muzzie footballer?]

Ahem.  Yeah.

–Look, I’ve ploughed through Global Economic History: A Very Short Introduction twice, and all I can tell you is, I don’t give a f**k who invented the Arkwright jenny or whatever the hell archaic crap they used to create the Modern World.  And whatever kind of railroad this Brunei dude built, does that make him Cecil Rhodes?  Sounds like he was a first-rate second-rate, and surely to God not the second greatest Briton who ever lived. [NB: As it turns out, students at his eponymous university were sticking their thumbs on the scale.]

I mean, sheesh, I don’t think Shelley even made the Top 100 . . . .


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