LOLZ Jin Never Pays Attention!

I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck is the deal with Lovelyz Diary Season 4 and how it mysteriously exists all over youtube except the one place it’s supposed to exist, at the official Woolim Ent/Lovelyz channel.

It’s a huge headache, because it looks like terrific fun, but everyone’s uploads are dull looking, and it seems impossible to find the actual first episode of this season.

Anyway, I don’t know what the deal is, and it’s a major heartache for me because after the first three seasons looking forward to the next one to come out with their A New Trilogy album was a huge part of the fun, but now it’s very difficult to play along because of the spotty nature of finding Season Four to watch.

But anyway, while I’m watching this non-subbed version, I just have to point out that, once again, as I’ve sometimes noticed, my beloved Jin is completely lost in her own world.  See the 7:51 mark:

Everybody’s supposed to be superabsorbed in eavesdropping on Yein’s staged date.  See how excited Sujeong is acting?  This is the most cleverest and original prank ever, and they are positively Nancy Drewing on every emergin detail!  Okay, it’s like their job! But what is Jin doing?

Playing with her nails.  Looks off to the side at nothing.  Totally bored. Totally oblivious.

Okay okay okay she was actually acting excited at 6:27, and there it’s Jisoo who looks completely bored and yes, playing with her fingers.  And then, around 6:47, they’re all acting really excited, and Jin’s talking to the camera and all.

I guess keeping interested in Yein’s fake date was maybe a hard game to keep up.  There were probably a lot of lacunae left on the editing table of what clearly was a rather stilted convo to begin with.  Still, it’s always funny to me, if sometimes a tad worrisome, to notice Jin’s displays of indifference.  I wonder if she gets scolded about these things?


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