Breezy Edits: “Windy Day” on Inkigayo 160529

This Oh My Girl comeback stage from Inkigayo is filmed with a remarkable series of quick fade-cuts which suit remarkably well the song’s vernal melody and flowing choreography:


It manages at once to a) lend visual interest and poignancy to the performance; b) manage to capture a wide range of enchanting close-ups of the members; and yet c) present aspects of the choreo that I’d hardly given attention before.

I seem to have forgot this stage in my mini-canon of “Windy Day” stages but this is a huge lapse on my part. This is a remarkable performance! Inkigayo’s director and crew deserve special commendation for this wonderful, artistic capture of what is, on any day, a terrific example of popular song and dance.

Consider just the shot with Mimi’s vibrant “Could you tell? Could you tell?” (from 3:09)line and then the unbroken seconds of reaction from Hyojung when she takes her place before the camera– what happiness!

And floral coronets in Oh My Girl’s hair too!  How sublime this is!


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