A Pink Comeback in September 2016

So my sources tell me.

It’s sad to reach the point where we suffer a year’s absence between (mini)albums, but A Pink has given us “Brand New Days” and “The Wave” this year, plus Eunji’s solo album, so we should not feel miserably neglected.

And Autumn, as I’ve said, would be a rich season for an A Pink comeback!  If anything, I suspect they’ll be tempted to push it back further toward Christmas.  But then, if they go for something like “I Do” for a single, I guess it won’t be to maximize the snowy feelings of the Holidays.  But we shall see!

In the meantime, GFriend album no. 4 approaches this summer, following on the momentous heels of “Rough”, named by MNet’s charts the No. 1 single of the first half of 2016.  And Dal Shabet, following on Subin’s fluster of singles, will be making a new release as well.

So there is all that to look forward to, and then an A Pink Autumn– and a new A Pink tv series as well!  A Pink hwaiting!


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