Springtime for Ice People

Korean girls singing a Swedish song with a Russian cathedral for backdrop– now this is “multiculturalism” I can believe in!

Imagine a multipolar world with President Trump in Christian White supermajority America, Farage or a kindred spirit at the head of a White British government (with a Royal Navy whose destroyers actually work!), the noble and nuclear-armed peoples of republican Korea and Japan guarding the peace and culture of the East, and President Putin in the middle, with his mighty Trans-Siberian Silk Road railway, and his forces guaranteeing the safety of the Christian minorities of the Middle East (if not rechristening glorious Hagia Sophia, which belongs to us!).  And on the European mainland, further ‘exits’, the de-Africanization of Paris and Malmo, the return of White birthrates, the end of fiat money and Jewish finance and Turkish ‘immigration’ and “Hate Speech” laws, and the return of White gun rights.  Sweden, Germany, Holland, France again as pristine as Poland.  Oh, think of it!

And today, we have moved– “Closer”!  God be praised!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    I’m not quite as optimistic about the future of this country—but I’ve been up all night celebrating BREXIT and watching all the local Liberal retards mope. Damn—England’s come back up on my radar screen as a possible emigration point now. Did you see the electoral map on the BBC? The English countryside and Wales took the EU vermin in London down.

    It’s been a great week: first, the Iraqi Army wipes out ISIS in Fallujah, then the British Bulldog drives the Nazi rats away from their shores once again!

    Now, if only I had a cute Brigande to drink champagne with, it would all be perfect…oh, well maybe next year in Dover? LOL

    1. Well, this must bode well for Marine Le Pen. It seemed for so long that no crisis could drive anyone out of the EUSSR– but now a top nation has. And Switzerland already nixed their application.

      Some of the PIGS are bound to pick up the ball now. I believe Vox feels the Italians are very pissed off about the immivasion.

      And of course Hungary, Czech R. and Slovakia and Poland have basically been in open defiance of the EU on border control– so now the precedent is clear for them to formalize withdrawal.

      It IS a great day– not the end, but resistance is alive and moving!

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