There’s a gay heart on youtube, so this must be another damn gay pride day

And, since gays can’t breathe without constant affirmation, I pass along these heartfelt condolences from President Nixon:

Thoughts and prayers to those fags’ families.

LOLZLZLOLZZL  not that those “families” need it, apparently.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    The shootings might not be hoaxes, but these interviews sure are. Given the kind of slimebags who run the MSM, they probably have actors on standby to give these fake interviews—anything to cash in on a tragedy.

    1. Well, I should give dissecting Orlando more of my energy, but I’m manically polishing my book manuscript for submission at the moment. Serendipitously, Laura Wood has posted a lengthy analysis in reply to a sceptic, going into a detailed account of how a (mostly) non-lethal government propaganda campaign may work, through carrots & sticks to True Believers and fame hounds desperate to get themselves on television. She introduces a couple of angles I hadn’t thought of before, which I’ll have to give further thought:

      I can’t insist dogmatically upon Orlando being fake to the full degree of confidence I place in the Sandy Hook hoax, but all the major indicators are dire. For a supposedly widespread massacre engulfing so many lives, the trail of witnesses or of physical evidence seems very thin. Of course, the official govt. response, climaxing in Lunch Lady Loretta Lynch’s pronouncement that “we may never know the shooter’s motives” (lolzozlz) is so Orwellian that, even if the shootings themselves were real, the Obama administration is using them as a pretext to rub the citizenry’s nose in a campaign of psychological warfare, in which no truthful response to the purported ‘reality’ of events is permissible.

      Pray for Brexit!

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