Check Your Gut

In case you “paranoid nut jobs” ever need a good dose of Ole’ Time Religion on what kind of Satano-Orwellian evil we are dealing with here in the “Current Year” (Of The Lord): We have a psychological warfare program going on, and the horrible truth will not be denied:


CIA gaywad Anderson Cooper, as per operating procedure, helping his “witnesses” through their Doper’s Delight as they deliver their New Age brainwashing script.  Anderson really has his hands full with this one (“Orlando is now the adopted mother!”), and like Blofeld before him he must be thinking some hard thoughts about how hard it is to find decent help these days.

But I hope Anderson lives to learn the price of failure– and treason.

God help us, God help these uselessly United States of America.  These fiends will stop at nothing– and there is no floor on the depravity and violence they will inflict upon us if their dreams are consummated.  Keep your guns, lose your representatives, your media, your kid’s public school.  Pray for Brexit.  Red Silver J won’t agree with this one, but pray for Trump– and continue to hold his feet to the fire.  Close the borders, abolish the “international agreements”, stay out of foreign wars.  Audit the FED.  Decentralize the government, strengthen your family.  And abolish that damned 19th Amendment.




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