A GFriend Medley (with thoughts occasioned by the antics of tacky music haters)

It’s painful to think some five months already have elapsed since the release of the magical Snowflake album; but while we await the Summer Comeback of GFriend, here is another “Rough” presentation, this one introduced by snippets of “Glass Bead” and “Me Gustas Tu”, from Show Champion, taking us through GFriend’s whirlwind rise to predominance.

–On asianjunkie, the ironic kids were debating the rise of Twice, and rightly noting that their songs suck.  Yet those who drew from this the sensible inference that Twice don’t deserve to be catapulted to Nation’s Girl Group status were pooh-poohed for their provincial dedication to the quaint idea that music actually matters.  Well, smartasses, music does matter– music is everything.  And while you congratulate yourselves for your enlightened superficiality in positively appraising Twice on account of their makeup or shashasha or whatever flippant nonsense you think makes you better than a mere innocent music lover, the fact is this:  the opening of GFriend’s “Rough” is the greatest sound heard in World Art since the opening of Beethoven’s Fifth  (and the rest of the song is no worse!).

Of course, I expect the merciful retirement of 8NSD shortly, and for A Pink officially to inherit the Nation’s Girl Group mantle.  But GFriend and Lovelyz and Oh My Girl (and, with the proper attention given them by the public, underdog Laboum) will be sheltering under their aegis, and it is to these supreme artists, and not to the polyglot fashion plates of JYP, to whom we shall look for the world’s musical salvation.  “Rough” and “Luv” are the Sound of the Future: with music such as this, even the West can rise again, and across the Icy tracts of the Global North the civilized races shall at last reassert their aesthetic supremacy and the ownership of their own, glorious, sonic fates.  K-pop Innocent Concepts hwaiting!


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