Sistar “I Like That” MV Review

With last year’s “Shake It”, Sistar stripped their sound down to the basics, and delivered their best single.  For what, after all, have Sistar stood for, if not booty-shaking nonsense, and as booty-shaking nonsense it cannot get much better than “Shake It”.


The new single “I Like That” looks to throw back a bit toward what might be considered Sistar’s previous best single ever, 2012’s “Alone”, one of the few really good Brave Brothers productions.  The stylized “Alone” video placed the members in an escapist Las Vegas setting (and adumbrated the collection of tattoos sweet but dippy Hyolin would accumulate).  The “I Like That” MV is something like a geisha retread of “Alone”, with Sistar moodily vamping away in their capacious, neon-hued sets like modern-day inmates of an Eastern pleasure-palace.

It’s opulent but dull, with plenty of trite visual clichés like the silhouetted chandelier or the bed of petals upon which Soyu reclines.  I’m guessing this is not a digi pedi production, but there are riffs on some of their favorite tropes (like Hyolin’s opulent room early on), but executed without the special finesse I would expect from them.

At the beginning, we’d assume Dasom is an inductee to the geisha world; the final shot perhaps naughtily implies she was only an, ahem, customer.  Whatever.  Sistar unfortunately is back to forgettability, both in song and video.  I did enjoy the silk booty shorts though.  Nice touch.  Deserves to become a “thing”.


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