The Quotable Big Gay Steve

Big Gay Steve/Big Gay Koran Burner writes at Vox Day:

Whoever imported the moslems to a nation that has nude beaches should have to wear a shirt with Moohammad blowing a pig on it. If only I could find a place to make a shirt that had fuse head moohamad’s face right next to a pigs backside, I could replace the entire TSA.

–It’s okay, he’s on an iPhone. Big Gay Steve is one clever right-wind homosexual.  Arguably funnier than Milo, and he’s not Jewish and he doesn’t f**k black men!

Anyway, damn straight!  Dear Lord, please give Sweden a right-wing military coup and let the globalists in the present government be put before a firing squad and all the Muslim neighborhoods be overrun with tanks and CV-9040 IFVs full of patriotic Swedes, and let them be destroyed and expelled until Sweden is completely White again.  Amen.

And then afterwards we can all exercise our God-given right to wear t-shirts that proclaim what we really think about sand-n****r Joseph Smith, without fear of being arrested or blown up.


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