Another “Windy Day”: OMG on Show! Music Core

A delightfully stylized stage and the Oh My goddesses in creamy blues:


OMG and stylized antler tiaras!  Priceless!

Mimi seems to love getting to show this beaming, feminine side of her persona and it’s infectious.  JinE’s voice is so cloud-soft.  Arin with her bangs is so adorable.  Jiho is such a goddess.

Plus: we get treated to the rare in-camera digital sparkle effects when Jiho takes the stage!  OMG she’s so flirty with the camera!

Of course the energetic Binnie, radiant Hyojung, saucy Seunghee and glorious Yooa take my attention too.  I never stop thinking about Oh My Girl these days.  Now if only they’ll do a Duble Sidekick production so they have a native Korean single instead of all (excellently done, it must be said) Swedish productions, I will have to exalt them to the top rank of the pantheon.  As it is, they are already a grand and ongoing love affair to rival Lovelyz and further heirs to the stratospheric A Pink.  Oh My Girl hwaiting!



  1. The second stage for Inkigayo, yet another rococo triumph!

  2. More stylized antlers! (happy birthday Arin!)

  3. Well if I recognized the second Inkigayo stage as the 2nd Inkigayo stage when I posted it in the comment above, why hadn’t I written then about the Inkigayo Comeback Stage, which I wrote about earlier “today” (calendar yesterday), which is such an extraordinary performance it demands to be part of this catalog?

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