Eyes Wide Shut

Vox Day commenter Aliyah to Khazaria writes:

No, (((they))) are the inheritors of the knowledge of priest craft, sheeple farming, and “money magic” aka usury. Combined with the tribal code of Omerta and diaspora sayanim, they form a conspiracy in every society (((they))) infiltrate and they hide it in plain site – #chutzpahFTW.

Their host societies that they infiltrate are often fooled with Eyes Wide Shut predictive programming and revealing the method gives them carte blanch to do as (((they))) wilt.

Through usury, they gain control of banking and then through that, eventually all of industry. Once they gain control of news/media/entertainment industries, they use their influence to corrupt the culture through perversion and the utilization of an endless array of divide and conquer tactics to control the masses.

They are only “smarter” than everyone else, because they are able to keep the majority oblivious to their machinations until they’ve gained a significant hold of power and push an ever escalating level of societal corruption and perversion. It is only then, that people begin waking up…when things get pushed to a breaking point and the gradualism and incrementalism used to degrade and degenerate the masses becomes too stark for people old enough to remember how their societies were before their influence became ascendant. This is where we are at in the current cycle of declining Western civilization. Generation X remembers how things were before the current ascendancy of the (((tribal))) culture of immorality and filth, and we know how far we have fallen and what we have lost. To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, we study the redacted and revised histories and come to the same conclusion many peoples before us have too.


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