“Windy Day” on Show Champion

A couple of days ago I had a meltdown when I realized I’d been misidentifying Arin in the “Windy Day” video because she had her hair down.  I had started asking myself, “Why is there so little Arin in this video?”  I had consulted the Eng Sub version someplace and found Arin starts the song off, so that’s her with Seunghee at the table in the woods.  But who is that between Mimi and JinE under the blanket?  I actually freezed the frame and almost had a panic attack as I kept mentally going over all the members, terrified at this specter of a mystery Member No 9.  After all, wasn’t that Arin running along in the maze with Mimi?  Finally I realized no–that’s JinE.


Arin–at least I’m pretty sure


The problem, you see, is that Arin put her hair down, and now all of a sudden Arin, who I thought had such a uniquely distinguished face, had become unfamiliar.  JinE has always resembled Arin in my eye– distinguishing them when I first got the members’ faces down was a trial– but now alas I’ve realized I’ve much left to learn!  In the “Liar Liar” MV JinE’s look was more like a soft Mimi look; but in “Windy Day” it’s almost like JinE has taken Arin’s look and Arin, mysteriously, has become like a Mimi-fied Hyojung (if that makes sense).

And in the previous paragraph’s usage, Mimi, being the rapper, is understood to be the sort of more “boyish” looker (though not to be confused with Binnie, who of course is the actual “tomboy” look; though for all I know Mimi may after all be more of a tomboy, being the rapper, than Binnie, who only has short hair).  But in this Show Champion performance, by goodness, Mimi herself is starting to look more feminine too.  So Arin is back, JinE has become even more beautiful, and Mimi is glowing femine.


Arin in “Pink Ocean” album art


And Arin, having put her hair up again, automatically looks just like the distinctive Arin of the “Liar Liar” mv: so much so that I scrutinize her face looking for traces of the indistinguishable Arin of the “Windy Day” mv.  And I can’t find her!  It’ like hair-up Arin and hair-down Arin are two different people!  And yet JinE on stage here looks just as she did in the maze in the MV, where I mistook her for the Arin of “Liar Liar”.  So now Arin and JinE both look like Arin, and Mimi’s starting to look a bit more like them too.

[Ed.:  I am very confused!]  Yes, well.  It’s embarrassing because usually I can see Yellow people well now.  So sorry, my goddesses!  But on the whole, I recommend Arin keep her hair back so she looks so funny and cute because it’s very troubling how her face seemed to lose that just by having her hair down.  Not that that counts as a “flaw” in the “Windy Day” MV, which is a work of genius.  Maybe they wanted to accentuate JinE’s fragile beauty (and after all JinE in “Windy Day” is more beautiful in “Windy Day” than she was in “Liar Liar” because she looks more like Arin did in “Liar Liar”–)

[Ed.:  Just stop it you’re hurting me!]

Jeez.  Well, I’m just putting things together here.  Anyhoo, I’m grateful as ever for all the pulchritude on display from Oh My Girl– and I haven’t even started on goddess Jiho, who besides always looking like Hyojung 2.0 has increasingly assumed Seunghee’s sarc face so that now she’s like a Seunghee 2.0 but . . . .



Sigh.  Jiho looks like Napoleon!


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