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Glorious Jiho Peeks at Us at 3:16

–behind the giddy Mimi, among other raptures of this slightly abridged but lens-flaringly dashing performance of “Windy Day” from Show Champion: which probably is the “Goodbye Stage”, but oh how OMG have worked this season!  They’ve truly set a new standard for indefatigable promotions– and won themselves a huge new prominence in my heart. And […]

LOLZ Jin Never Pays Attention!

I’ve been trying to figure out what the heck is the deal with Lovelyz Diary Season 4 and how it mysteriously exists all over youtube except the one place it’s supposed to exist, at the official Woolim Ent/Lovelyz channel. It’s a huge headache, because it looks like terrific fun, but everyone’s uploads are dull looking, […]

A Pink Comeback in September 2016

So my sources tell me. It’s sad to reach the point where we suffer a year’s absence between (mini)albums, but A Pink has given us “Brand New Days” and “The Wave” this year, plus Eunji’s solo album, so we should not feel miserably neglected. And Autumn, as I’ve said, would be a rich season for […]

Breezy Edits: “Windy Day” on Inkigayo 160529

This Oh My Girl comeback stage from Inkigayo is filmed with a remarkable series of quick fade-cuts which suit remarkably well the song’s vernal melody and flowing choreography:   It manages at once to a) lend visual interest and poignancy to the performance; b) manage to capture a wide range of enchanting close-ups of the […]

I Teared Up a Little When Mijoo Did That Bite Thing At 2:59

I guess she was a little bit moved herself, or just really happy: and Lovelyz has given us so much to be happy about!

Binnie’s Voice Is So Soft (and she loses a shoe!)

The June 3rd Music Bank recording of “Windy Day” features the delicate Oh My Girl vocals spun to extra-wind breathy sugar as Binnie purr-whispers her lines with refulgent delicacy rapt with true feeling: But in the final stretch, Binnie and Hyojung enthusiastically lose a show apiece!  OMG lolzl!

Haitink Leads Haydn’s Symphony No. 104

Springtime for Ice People

Korean girls singing a Swedish song with a Russian cathedral for backdrop– now this is “multiculturalism” I can believe in! Imagine a multipolar world with President Trump in Christian White supermajority America, Farage or a kindred spirit at the head of a White British government (with a Royal Navy whose destroyers actually work!), the noble […]

This Is Our Escape! Out of the EUSSR!

Hail Brittania! To hell with Brussels, to hell with Antichrist “elites”.  To hell with White Replacement. Britain chooses independence.  Britain chooses to keep the n*gg*as of Calais, the Turkish hordes, the Arab and Somali and Afghan rapefugees out.  Run that crap off the road of our history! Deislamify.  Kick out all “refugees”, all “migrants”, all […]

Needless to say, we emphatically endorse taking a dive out of the European Union


There’s a gay heart on youtube, so this must be another damn gay pride day

And, since gays can’t breathe without constant affirmation, I pass along these heartfelt condolences from President Nixon: Thoughts and prayers to those fags’ families. LOLZLZLOLZZL  not that those “families” need it, apparently.

A GFriend Medley (with thoughts occasioned by the antics of tacky music haters)

It’s painful to think some five months already have elapsed since the release of the magical Snowflake album; but while we await the Summer Comeback of GFriend, here is another “Rough” presentation, this one introduced by snippets of “Glass Bead” and “Me Gustas Tu”, from Show Champion, taking us through GFriend’s whirlwind rise to predominance. […]

Check Your Gut

In case you “paranoid nut jobs” ever need a good dose of Ole’ Time Religion on what kind of Satano-Orwellian evil we are dealing with here in the “Current Year” (Of The Lord): We have a psychological warfare program going on, and the horrible truth will not be denied:   CIA gaywad Anderson Cooper, as […]

Sistar “I Like That” MV Review

With last year’s “Shake It”, Sistar stripped their sound down to the basics, and delivered their best single.  For what, after all, have Sistar stood for, if not booty-shaking nonsense, and as booty-shaking nonsense it cannot get much better than “Shake It”.   The new single “I Like That” looks to throw back a bit toward […]

Happy Birthday Arin!

Oh My Girl’s maknae turns sweet seventeen!   Oh course, her year of sixteen has been nobly spent–“Closer”, “Liar Liar”, “One Step Two Step”, “Windy Day”– and we have every hope the next year will redound with similar riches. And so, sweet Arin, we wish you a happy birthday,  and all the joy of the […]

Milos Forman’s Valmont: “Restored”

I don’t know if this is a new, longer cut or just a happy return of Forman’s forgotten classic, but for whatever reason his lustrous Les Liaisons Dangereuses adaptation is back on screen at Cannes:   And how happy it would be at last to have a proper DVD release!  Especially since I was just […]

Satan is Here

Don’t look now, but check your pulse . . .

Happy Birthday Jin!

Already it’s just another day in Lovelyz Wonderland, but since I’m here and it’s still on our calendar–once again, Happy birthday, Jin!

Happy Birthday (in Korea) Jin!

It’s still the 11th in the United States of Depravity, but already Sunday the 12th has begun in Korea and thus, we wish Lovelyz Jin her happy twentieth birthday! Ne! Since I have to travel, and since I stink at setting up correctly my posts to post at a set time (wordpress seems to have […]

Sunday is Jin’s Birthday!

Oh Lord, Jin turns twenty.  Sigh.  Everything we have known and loved of Jin to this moment is teenage Jin, and shortly that will pass away. But I can make peace I suppose with (gulp) twentysomething Jin. Don’t lose your holy Jinyness, Jin.  We love you!  Hwaiting!

Happy Birthday ZN!

Laboum’s chic vocalist/dancer/chipmunk turns 22! And the “Happy Virus” has much to be cheerful about, what with Laboum’s high-energy promotions for “Journey to Atlantis”, one of the defining anthems of the year (and increasingly my own Trump 2016 anthem!). Plus, they landed that Samsung commercial, so hopefully we will see more and more of Laboum […]

Another “Windy Day”: OMG on Show! Music Core

A delightfully stylized stage and the Oh My goddesses in creamy blues:   OMG and stylized antler tiaras!  Priceless! Mimi seems to love getting to show this beaming, feminine side of her persona and it’s infectious.  JinE’s voice is so cloud-soft.  Arin with her bangs is so adorable.  Jiho is such a goddess. Plus: we […]

The Quotable Big Gay Steve

Big Gay Steve/Big Gay Koran Burner writes at Vox Day: Whoever imported the moslems to a nation that has nude beaches should have to wear a shirt with Moohammad blowing a pig on it. If only I could find a place to make a shirt that had fuse head moohamad’s face right next to a […]

Lovelyz’ Sujeong, Jin, Yein Show Off Their Bags

–with help from Kei for Yein! In a fast-paced tour of volubility girlhood and the infinite depths of their carry bags!    

One Month Ago in Lovelyz

A month!  Sometimes I keep count of these things six months out, and it feels like only yesterday, so comparatively speaking this really was yesterday! And I’ve shown it here before.  But I just watched it again.  So let us enjoy anew.  Yes, it is Lovelyz in their drowned aquarium world with discodelic lavender lighting […]

The Quotable “Mansfield Park”: how to dictate liberality

As far as  was walking, talking, and contriving reached, [Mrs. Norris] was thoroughly benevolent, and nobody knew better how to dictate liberality to others: but her love of money was equal to her love of directing, and she knew quite as well how to save her own as to spend that of her friends. [Vol […]

Eyes Wide Shut

Vox Day commenter Aliyah to Khazaria writes: No, (((they))) are the inheritors of the knowledge of priest craft, sheeple farming, and “money magic” aka usury. Combined with the tribal code of Omerta and diaspora sayanim, they form a conspiracy in every society (((they))) infiltrate and they hide it in plain site – #chutzpahFTW. Their host […]

Laboum’s Seventh (Because the previous ‘seventh’ was I think only the 6th because they skipped a week) Show Champion Performance of “Journey to Atlantis”

The title says it all!

“Windy Day” on Show Champion

A couple of days ago I had a meltdown when I realized I’d been misidentifying Arin in the “Windy Day” video because she had her hair down.  I had started asking myself, “Why is there so little Arin in this video?”  I had consulted the Eng Sub version someplace and found Arin starts the song […]

Happy Birthday SinB!

The “world’s most beautiful” GFriend Jessica Jung impersonator vocalist turns 18! And of course she was paired with “world’s most cutest” Yerin and “world’s most innocent” Eunha as part of The World’s Greatest Team!   [Ed.: Speaking of which, you forgot Eunha’s birthday on the 30th.] I am extremely ashamed of myself.  Happy late birthday, […]

T-ara 2016: “So Crazy” on the M! Countdown Chinese Special

30 year old Boram and the ladies on a Close Encounters stage in the second homeland of their power, China: Baek Ah Yeon won the trophy,btw. A congratulations for her taking at last some top-tier recognition. [Ed.: Have you even congratulated your waifu Eunji on her solo trophies?  My God, the scandal!] Yes, Bob, it […]

A GFriend & Lovelyz Mix

Alternating the debut and follow-up singles by the two rookie superpowers on stage. Thank you mbckpop!

GFriend: “You Wouldn’t Know”

Behold the numinous nymphs of GFriend!   I know I love you!

The Dalai Lama Defends Europe

As noted at Vox Day.