FIESTAR’s “Apple Pie” MV Review

This video and song is not on the visual and sonic level (which was splendid, though the lyrics were wicked) of “One More”, but it’s not the total embarrassment some viewers are suggesting either.

I say that by way of having skimmed the comments at asianjunkie before watching the video.  Yes, the song isn’t a complete earworm, but it’s nicely produced, rather clubbier than I had expected (going by their comments), and the girls look very pretty.  The whole apple tartlets thing is rather sexy (do they play this up a tad too much?), and of course my Linzy is fetching as ever.

The past two Fiestar minialbums have been sleekly wrought but somewhat depressing affairs, so apparently they have distanced themselves from that and gone back toward their roots.  It is not, alas, as entertaining as “I Don’t Know”.  But it has a breezy electro-pop pleasantness about it: it’s not top tier, and I doubt it will be a big hit.  But it won’t hurt that they’re having a bit of fun again.


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