Jimmy Carter: White God?

Sam Eskimoson narrates President Carter’s visit to Liberia, a nation he oddly seems to think should “hate” us because slavery “joins” us.  But this is the home of freed slaves!  Why should they not be grateful to us?

There’s something hilariously jaunty in the footage of the unassuming Carter greeted by black throngs (made all the less individuated by the age and quality of the footage).  He’s like a visiting Emperor–or Hitler.  Just imagine if all the black people in America lived in Liberia too, how happy we all could be! Africans currently in America are certainly very free to move there, where they can all happily proclaim, “It’s our country now!”

Unfortunately, President Carter tells the Liberian leader (joined, Sam notes in a cucky comment, by their shared Baptist faith) that he stands against “apartheid” and “racial discrimination”.  As long as blacks stay in Africa, what need have they to fear “racial discrimination”?  Or at least, from the hated White people?

True, the South African Whites should have taken their own country and split off forever from the poor-laborer blacks.  But even where blacks are left free in Africa to their own devices, that is not enough for them, as their bitching about “discrimination” in India shows.  But what business does a black man have entering Asia?

Even President Carter, we note, quickly got going again, and that even though Sam rather damningly suggests the Liberians gave him the most enthusiastic reception he’d ever got.  But then, black people’s enthusiasms rarely are much of an endorsement.


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