Ronald Reagan: For a Human Life Amendment

The “””senile””” Ronald Reagan of 1987 delivers remarks on ending federal aid for abortion counseling and addresses the suffering of aborted fetuses:

–which, as he reminds his audience, he had tackled before, to the outraged remonstances of the liberal press, only to receive medical confirmation from numerous physicians.  That was 1987, and how comparatively primitive were our in utero researches then compared to today?

And yet the barbarism continues.  We of the militant Right might flinch at Reagan’s brief detour into Constitutionalism; but while in large part the Constitution is a dead letter thanks to the thousand nails driven through it by “Progressive” presidents from Wilson on, and the myriad unprincipled decisions of the Courts,  the Constitution was a noble attempt at crytalizing a republican form of government, and Lord knows we must return to republican government at last.  And waiving aside charges of “muh constitution”, just admire the sharp delivery, the firm manly tone of Reagan’s remarks.  Here is a sense of purpose.  Here is a sense of conviction.  Here are clear moral boundaries made.

What went wrong?  We today, in the wake of the purported anti-abortion forces; stern remarks against Donald Trump, are in a better position to know the cold hard truth: we’ve been had by carpetbaggers, charlatans who only profit from an endless indecisive engagement, without bringing the issue to a decision.  And, waiting in the wings behind Reagan, the forces of RINO “moderation” were waiting to resume power and waste Reagan’s political capital.  And I say that as a conditional admirer of George H. W. Bush, a man in certain respects able and well-intentioned.  He may have even (at the time) believed he stood for the same, correct things.  So too might Mitt Romney.  But these men lack crucial spine:  their convictions prove to be contextual.  The polite patriarch of 1992 becomes a man honoring a lesbian “wedding” with his presence.  Would Bush himself have imagined this then?  If you believe the worst, you’d say “yes”:  and maybe you’d be right. . . .

For all his fire, his quickness and persuasiveness, and his genial good spirit, Reagan strikes us today as a man of less urgency, less energy, than Donald Trump.  If Reagan was a great man with a good purpose, what must President Trump promise in this age of unparalleled decay?  Reagan, for all his worthiness, was not good enough to halt the decline; or else, more charitably, let us say that his focus on the external enemy in Moscow was such that he could reform at home mostly only by the example of his character.  He inspired Americans, he helped Americans– but America continued to rot within.  Trump inherits a world afire with medieval barbarism, but most of all his fight begins right here, in the broken heart of our homeland.  Let us look to Reagan to remember what a truly good President can do– and let us look to the astonishing Trump in the hope that he can do even more, for the crisis of our age, really the crisis of the entire post-WWII era, is decisive.  For we can now see the godlessness that spread its wings over the waste of Europe in 1945, a bird of ill omen birthed not in Moscow but in an ideology that answers to no capital but to Antichrist itself.


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