Richard Nixon: Keep the Major Powers out of the Middle East

In the wake of the Yom Kippur crisis, which threatened nuclear war, the supposedly “””drunk””” and “””drugged-out””” (hey, if you can’t believe Al Haig, who can you trust!) President Nixon addresses the media on the peacekeeping efforts and the hopes of a permanent peace in the Middle East (with no engagement of United States forces on the ground), with a discreet reference to his now-infamous escalation of nuclear alert to DEFCON3.

Historian Paul Johnson calls October 1973 Nixon’s “finest hour.”  Already he was besieged by the media and Congress over the Watergate Hotel caper, but he saved Israel (which lost a fifth of its air force and a third of its tanks in four days fighting) from annihilation.  I’m sure the Jewish people’s thank-you note is in the mail.

Nixon’s deportment, and his professorial address directly to those listening at home, doubtless received scoldings and mockery from the mighty press, who would prefer Americans take instruction from Norman Lear and his awful heirs.  In reality, Nixon’s remarks are a model of nuance and clarity, reflecting a confidence that the public deserves an articulate explanation of complex geopolitical affairs.  Imagine Barry Obama, teleprompter at his chin, attempting such an explanation.

Despite decades of efforts (Pres. Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush do deserve some credit), the Middle East remains a basketcase.  Carter and Bush I both expressly attempted to curtail Israeli ambition and intransigence, and there is no doubt that the J*wish lobby played a strong role in their electoral defeats.  Carter’s was, on the whole, altogether for the best, but it is well to recall how often “the outlook for a permanent peace” has been undermined by the demands of Israeli politics and Zionist delusion.  America, as the sole superpower, has been used in the wake of the Cold War to impose a general anarchy across the Middle East, all to the detriment of the United States and the White nations of historic Christendom.  It is time for a new leader to impose a new settlement– one that upholds the life, liberty, and security of European peoples and their states.  Let us hope our next strong president, Donald Trump, does not suffer the undoing inflicted upon President Nixon.


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