April’s “Jelly” on Show Champion

I’d seen one “Jelly” stage performance before (was it from a showcase?), but I just caught this performance from their Show Champion Comeback stage a while back:

Yena does the “funky” stuff! lolzozl  Well, I’m glad she got a chance to shine.  This song has always reminded me of Hara’s solo album, and in this performance I can imagine Yena becoming the second Hara eventually.

That sound presumptuous, but I continue to have great faith in April’s chances to make it big.  They’re all engaging, but Jinsol’s huge vocals and her already mature command of them are so impressive in a fourteen year-old, I just can’t imagine April not exploding in popularity at some point.  Naeun has a style reminiscent of the top drawer girls of SNSD at their height, and I can see her becoming a breakout tv star and beauty icon like Suzy.  Yena herself might not, going it alone, be superstar material, but think of the Hara comparison and you can see where she eventually could fit into the scheme of K-pop as another iconic celebrity.

Anyway, this is a fun little “jam” but not really representative of their aesthetic.  It’s more like DSP showing their hand at the whole bubblegum electro aesthetic that was a Kara staple and may eventually become part of April’s big picture.  But I think the playful and aetherial will be their bread and butter, and what carries them through.


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