Happy Birthday Ah Young!

The Dal Shabet singer-actress turns twenty-five!


Sigh.  And to think, at this rate Kei will be an old lady before Trump’s first term is over.  Where does the time go?  [Tears.]  Where does it go?!?

And while we’ve said for a long time that Ah Young is so, ah!, young– and though we know that, with each passing year, this becomes a teeny bit less persuasive– but even so, twenty-five is not so old.  At least, not when one is as well-preserved as Ah Young is!


–Not actually sure when this picture was taken, but I think it’s newishy.  Or anyway . . .

Plus, twenty-five is no near a crisis like twenty-seven.  Sheesh!  Let’s relax a little!  I mean Boram’s still got it, and she’s th–ffe-ffr–ee–urrrrghghgh!!!

Plus, she got to record a solo for the Naturalness album, and we hear this summer will see a new Dal Shabet album too!

So keep going strong, and follow all those lovely dreams, oh luminous and youthful one!  Ah Young hwaiting!


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