Tahiti’s “The Secret” MV Review

Tahiti is back– but it’s only serendipity that we’ve found out so fast.

Before last year, Tahiti already was a seemingly forgotten entity– so much so that some speculated they had suffered one of those unannounced disbandments [NB: Does anybody have poor TINT’s phone number?]

But then Tahiti suddenly got some luck and released “Phone Number”, a simple yet very catchy Brave Sound tune with a music video that featured the kind of choreography I don’t want my kids to see and I don’t particularly want the good Korean people to do, but it was kinda fun to watch.

“Phone Number” didn’t do big business, but at least Tahiti were back in the game and last fall they added “Skip” to their discography.  Another club jam, this one went more for the novelty effect with its earworm “Skeepskeepskeepskeepskeep” refrain.  The mv was a cartoonish affair showing the girls getting hassled by a nosy mascot while they’re taking turns in the changing room– naughty, but cute for the grownups to watch.

Now at last Tahiti has a summer jam to unveil.  “The Secret” makes a pleasant party tune in the tradition of 9Muses’ “Hurt Locker”, but it’s not at that level of complexity or effectiveness.  The video itself looks like something BESTie might’ve done a couple of years ago, making allowances for the fact that the Tahiti ladies are prone to show a bit more skin (also, is that a tiny nod in the direction of A Pink’s “Remember” MV at the end?).  But the girls look good, and they seem unconcerned by their budgetary constraints. Ari and Jerry in particular, as we would expect, keep their cute-“fierce” vibe going.  Perhaps Tahiti are more like a Westerner’s preconception of a guilty pleasure dance group than an elite K-pop outfit in the running, but don’t hold that against them.  Though, Lord knows, the red leather pants in “Phone Number” were altogether more fetching than wearing “urban” sportswear out in the dismal heat!

For a group that’s received very little attention, particularly in their later years, this isn’t an unwelcome effort. The dirty funky bassline electro stuff is, as far as that goes, pretty good.  But it leads to a disposable tune.  Still, Tahiti have the ability to wring entertainment value out of lesser material. Their cheeky and personable attitude, if slightly louche by K-pop standards, is fun. If the choreo is good and they can afford a few broadcast shows, maybe they can start to build more recognition.  BESTie themselves did a pretty good job working through Brave Sound filler and up to “Excuse Me”, a terrific single which could’ve put them in the running to be the next Girl’s Day except, well, it didn’t.

Turning the tide against obscurity is a titanic task, and if Rainbow can’t work it anymore, I won’t anticipate huge success with this.  But, bless them,  Tahiti is back, so let’s enjoy this moment while we can.


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