I Forgot Jiae’s Birthday

On Saturday, May 21st she turned twenty-three.

But in my defense, I did listen to A New Trilogy almost three whole times that day.  So, it was not a day without its honor and love for Lovelinusness!

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday, Jiae!  I know your bandmates must’ve showered you with fun presents and camaraderie and all sorts of mischief.  Jiae hwaiting!

[Ed.:  Watch out for June 4th and June 12th!]

Yes, Yein will turn 18 and then beloved waifu Jin will turn (sigh) 20.

I can’t believe Yein will be a grown-up and then Jin will depart Teenage Goddessdom forever.  Compared to these shocks, Jiae being (gasp) twenty-three seems somehow quotidian.  Or whatever the annual equivalent is.  But let not my heart not rebel at the passing of the years.  Oh, what shall we do when everyone in Lovelyz is twenty-three!  To think when “Candy Jelly Love” and “Hi” were on stage Jiae was only twenty-one!


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