“Honestly Betsy how do you come up with such great imagery to create these thought provoking ideas? “

–Overheard while reading the comments at asianjunkie’s announcement of Jia’s departure from miss A.

I just started reading them to get a quick sense of how pissed off people were at JYP, but to my surprise things turned into a little T-ara discussion, with someone saluting their longevity and others predictably trash-talking in response.

And of course there are Western(ized) girls who can do nothing but ironize about everything. Oh the teenage idiocy!  Well, I find young Betsy somewhat amusing too, but the fulsome ingenuousness of this compliment really bowled me over.  And I just knew that, if I didn’t record it now, it would forever haunt me.

Really it’s such nonsense it’s irresistible.  The complimenter may not even have meant it.  I mean, everything “Betsy” says is some kind of non sequitur.  It’s not like she’s a likely genius-level troll.  But complimenting an aspiring genius-level troll?  Perhaps that is genius . . . .


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