Actually, it was Eric who said that!

I got up quite early this morning, under the mistaken impression I might virtuously go off grocery shopping during the halcyon 8:30 to 10:30am time when the place is bright and calm and quiet and nobody’s clogging the aisles except little old ladies who might need help but that’s fine.  But of course, I didn’t actually get there till the 4:00pm rush hour, but that’s a story for no other time.

But I did check the internetz briefly at dawn, and read Eric’s comment during the night that reads:

Why has the Ameroboob media spent nearly a month now talking about Prince’s mysterious death, but wouldn’t even question Antonin Scalia’s death (which was a lot more suspicious)?

I think we all know the answer to that one….

–And I thought, “Yeah, I’ll have to get back to that one . . . .”

But the funny part is, it was only about an hour later and I was pacing around the kitchen with my second or third cup of coffee, and I was thinking to myself:  “You know, I read somewhere on the internet in the last week or so, somebody was pointing out how the media keeps talking about Prince’s mysterious death, and yet– oh let’s see, now what was this commenter comparing it to again?  And where did I read that anyway?  Was it Vox Day?  Was it Heartiste?  Was it Patriactionary?  Who the hell said that?”


And I was perplexed.  But then as the evening drew on I returned and reread Eric’s comments and behold– it was Eric all along, and only less than 12 hours before the fact of my perplexity!

Well, now would be the time to return to the riddle of Cinderella Gonzalez and the No Good, Very Mystery Day Justice Scalia suffered on his “hunting trip”.  But having said my piece (peace?) about my recent mental perplexities, perhaps I’d better drink another gallon of coffee first . . . .



  1. Eric · · Reply

    It’s interesting that the Scalia died the MSM was already pooh-poohing ‘conspiracy theories.’ Although as a good Catholic, I’m also perplexed as to why Scalia would have been cremated since the Vatican frowns on such modes of burial.

    Anyway, my French isn’t that good, and I don’t think this song is about Scalia and Prince—but somehow it sure seems to fit:

    1. Well, Scalia’s death is highly suspicious, and even if it were natural the simple presence in our country of hack affirmative action hires with ridiculous names like “Cinderella Gonzalez” is despicable.

      I might as well get personal for a moment and draw comparison to my uncle’s death last year: a man of no worldly consequence, who died alone in a locked home, sitting in his chair, but my father ordered an autopsy anyway, and no one complained that this was unnecessary. Scalia’s family really needed to order one, not only for themselves but for the conscience of the republic.

      With that extremely weighty matter dismissed (unlike Sandy Hook or Elisa Lam, there’s simply no real trail of evidence for us to reason through besides the obvious weirdness of the supposed facts and of course the extreme convenience of his passing for Bolshevik jurisprudence, I admit–I’m curious what happened with Prince.

      There’s all this speculation (as I understand it) that he had AIDS, and of course that wouldn’t really be so shocking. Yet I confess, I feel a bit of pity for this reclusive and prolific man, who does seem (within the confines of American pop stardom) to have been someone who had a work ethic, an independent streak, and some sort of spiritual conscience.

      How that all really blended together for him, I have no idea. But it lends further credence to my view that “coming out” is simply a weaponized piece of psychiatry concocted by J*ws against the peace of White families, knowing that conscientious White children will insist upon “being true to themselves” and making a public spectacle of their private lives– while powerful J*ws and those who make money for them continue to reside in the Down Low shadows.

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