Happy Sweet Sixteen, Yena!

April’s chipmunk-fairy celebrates her birthday!

And the “Tinkerbell” promotions march on, despite poor Hyunjoo’s illness.  Hopefully she is getting better and all of April can join in to celebrate Yena’s special day, just as not long ago they did for Naeun:


Anyway, though old age is a calamity (as Sonnet 15, which I’ve been memorizing today, reminds us), sixteen is “most rich in youth” by any measure.  And if even T-ara’s Boram at 30 stands pretty cute, we hope and wish for Yena many years of adorable aegyo and pop music chestnuts to come!  Happy Birthday, Yena!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Now that Yena is of ‘legal age’ in my state, it may be time that she considered getting a husband here. And I would be happy to volunteer my services in that regard….

    1. But they just got a dancing mascot for the band and everything!

      No, I think we may have to farm you off with one of the SNSD members now that they’re sure to retire soon.

      Or Les Brigandes if they don’t have to parachute into Austria to force a vote recount

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