Bolsheviks, using every criteria to delineate Bolsheviks, are half of the SCOTUS. Gender angered, low level legal thinking.

–Tweets Dr. Napoleon.  And Barry Obama had the chutzpah to nominate another Jew, whom he hilariously refers to as a “white man”.

President Trump must devise some sort of Court-packing measure and scare the judiciary into behaving.  Moreover, just as he should press on and abolish Muslim immigration, he should impose a moratorium on Jewish appointees to the courts.  Marxist-Talmudic jurisprudence has been a plague on our society, it has eviscerated our Constitutional rights.  We are “hanging on by a thread”, warns Dr. Napoleon.

It is time to take everything back from these “social justice” vulgarians–before they kill us all.


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  1. Eric · · Reply

    Another interesting question:
    Why has the Ameroboob media spent nearly a month now talking about Prince’s mysterious death, but wouldn’t even question Antonin Scalia’s death (which was a lot more suspicious)?

    I think we all know the answer to that one….

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