Laboum’s Seventh (?) Show Champion “Journey to Atlantis” Stage

–And apparently the whole time MBC Music has been posting them with the title “Jourmey to Atlantis”?!  Oh well.

The nautical outfits lend an enchanting pastoral feel.  Both Solbin’s ponytail and Yujeong’s straw hat are fetching and flattering, as well as Haein’s sport kerchief and Soyeon’s bared midriff.  Having shed their backup dancers (too late in these now very long promotions to keep them?), this performance conveys a flawless confidence perhaps surprising now that the song has been promoted so long.

I myself, ever since Soyeon’s birthday, have been immersed in Laboum-mania to the point where I almost feel a bit guilty for giving Lovelyz’ own ongoing promotions (and April as well) comparative short shrift.  How many days has it been since I got stalled on Ep 6 of “Lovelyz in Wonderland” (when Mijoo goes home on holiday with her parents?).  But the Eng sub “Laboum TV” is so amusing, and it’s as if everytime I watch it my mind somehow doesn’t take in everything.  Like, it was just this morning rewatching Ep 01 that I took in the joy of the whole “write your name with your hips” task!

Maybe somehow I’d never finished watching the Eng sub version of that though?  I go back and forth.  Sometimes I just play it in the background.  But it was criminal not to drink in the sight of Soyeon’s ‘penalty’.

Anyway I’m still honing my couplets on the “Destiny” comeback stages for Lovelyz, so I don’t want Sujeong and the gang to think my heart is neglecting them!  And get well soon, Hyunjoo! [NB:  Sigh.  I d**ned slipped and typed ‘Hyojung’ first.  Dear God in Heaven, help me!  In the nursing home I’ll be like drunk Grandpa George stuttering over the names of all the girls he loved in his youth, only in my case it will be a catalog of K-pop idols whose names will fall on my attendants only as illegible nonsense.]

But Laboum, you are constantly in my thoughts and well-wishes, and “Journey to Atlantis” is a stunning achievement, and all your hard work on its behalf is remarked upon, and hopefully will bring you grand reward!


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