Lovelyz Brought “Fondant” to Show Champion!

Showcasing Lovelyz’ foray on A New Trilogy (with this and “Baby Doll”) into what might almost be described as country music, the girls brought an abridged rendition of track 3, “Fondant”:

–which I had sadly missed until now.  Also, they cut that part where Sujeong, I believe, sings something like “Love takes some practice” (I have as yet to consult an Eng sub version) but makes it sound like “Love takes a pregnancy” or something like that, I dunno.**  But so cut and charming!  I’m glad Lovelyz got to bring this song to a wider audience.

Anyway, as Oh My Girl has been doing promotions for another Pink Ocean track, I’m still praying that Lovelyz will fit in (wonderful as “Destiny” is!) a week or two of stages for “Dear You” because that would be mindblowing and frankly cosmically necessary because “Dear You” is the greatest dance-pop dance track of all time!!!



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