April’s Hyunjoo Takes Sabbatical

April’s loveably sardonic Hyunjoo is suffering health problems:

Girl group April’s Hyunjoo will not be participating in group promotions until further notice due to experiencing issues with her health.

On May 12, DSP Media announced that Hyunjoo will temporarily halt all group activities. According to the agency, Hyunjoo has been suffering from breathing problems and frequent headaches, which have made it difficult for her to perform on music shows. As Hyunjoo’s health is their utmost priority, they have decided to make her rest for the time being.

Hyunjoo will be receiving treatment and focusing on her recovery before greeting fans again, her agency emphasized.

–I hope Hyunjoo will soon be relieved of these health issues and can rejoin April’s activities in strength and security.

Of course, most netizens will be quick to point out that DSP Media is not revered for their capable management or idols-first mentality.

Hyunjoo’s health should be our first priority: but I hope this does not ultimately dictate her having to leave the group.  It was bad enough to lose one!  Without Hyunjoo on stage, Yena will have to carry alone the banner of making those adorable chipmunk-like expressions at us.  Hyunjoo, you will be missed in the interim, but we hope you make a full and speedy recovery!


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