“The voice you want to hear before you go to bed”

I was devouring a couple of these Laboum Television episodes last night sans Eng subs in their V Naver uploads, but I find some kind soul has reuploaded them with subtitles which admittedly makles the mysterious charm more immersive.

Plus, the original version of this mysteriously jump-cuts past ZN and Haein’s introductions.  So completists rejoice!

Anyway, though I guess we won’t be seeing more “Journey to Atlantis” promotions on stage, the new release is still very fresh in memory, so I am quite eagerly nursing my Soyeon crush and wallowing in all things Laboum at the moment.  Though of course we cannot neglect Lovelyz’ “Destiny” and the need to finish the awesome adventure of Lovelyz in Wonderland too!

And I need to finish watching that Rohmer film on top of everything.  Oh, to do, to do!

Anyway, in this one Soyeon gets teased for the presumed androgyny of her new hairstyle and Yulhee re-rehearses her Korean celebrity impressions, providing Soyeon guidance on doing a gravelly voice.

Hopefully the one where they make a bunch of sanduweejeez has been subbed too!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    I would like to hear Solbin’s voice every night in bed. And in the morning when I wake up too.

    1. I need to add a Laboum section to the pages tab, but in the meantime they have had a small breakthrough (it’s a paycheck anyhow) with this Eng lang advert, with Solbin basically in the lead (with Yulhee and ZN to make a trio):

      but I hope they were greenscreened in (as it does look that way) rather than actually having to share meet-space with nasty prole White people.

      White patriot that I am, I hate for any deities of the human spirit to have to consort with proles of any kind.

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