Happy Birthday (Laboum’s) Soyeon!

Ravishing rookies Laboum’s Main Vocal Soyeon turns twenty-two!

Sexy, sake-she, shake-she!  Oh girls, how you tease my poor dear!

Sigh.  Soyeon is so regal, so calm and assured, so womanly in an innocent and very youthful way.  I could see myself married to Soyeon (though her duty is to Korea, and mine is to–well, we shall find out).  Soyeon may be the Eunji of her generation.

[Ed.:  Eunji and Soyeon are now the same age.]

–Well, duh Bob.  You know what I mean.  A Pink’s been around for five years, Laboum only a year and some change.

Anyway, “Journey to Atlantis”/”Fresh Adventure”/”Imagine More” is another great comeback, and I still believe Laboum will seize the wider public’s imagination as they have seized mine.  Though I must remain forever grateful to the unremembered allkpop commenter who posted a Laboum “What About You” poster in a T-ara thread commenting on its homage to “Number Nine”era T-ara or I perhaps might never have checked out Laboum.  Can you imagine the wasted year and change?

Sigh.  Soyeon, I’m falling for you.  I pray Laboum will have a proper “Laboum Diary” soon so we can follow all their behind-the-scenes adventures.  That would really be a gift!  Soyeon, we wish you a happy birthday, health and happiness, and the universal recognition of all the greatness you hold within.  Soyeon hwaiting!




  1. OMG I dreamed of Soyeon this morning!

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