April’s “Tinkerbell”: the Music Bank Comeback

If “Tinkerbell” the song is not quite the musical masterpiece “Dream Candy” is,  this Comeback stage is so winsomely roseate it captures classic status on its own.

Music Bank’s  LCD backdrops have long been admired, but the artistry of this Rococo bower of bliss, set off in purple lighting and with the soap bubbles going from the very start, turns it up to 11 without going overboard.  And yes, some of the other “Tinkerbell” comeback stages didn’t quite cut it.  I think ditching pure vernal green for this more unrepentantly girlie scheme works in April’s favor.  It’s terrifically photogenic.  Throw in ivy-festooned classical columns and the triumphant “April” wreaths and The Age of Innocence-style giant rose buds (themselves suggestive of Lovelyz’ somber planets in “Destiny”) and this is magic.  This is total maximalism, but it’s maximalism with taste to  spare.

April’s enthusiasm onstage gives warrant to their super-rookie plaudits, even with all the strong competition from the likes of GFriend and Oh My Girl.  Yena, bless her heart, at last has something to do!  Hyunjoo continues to bewitch me with her bratty facial expressions, but Naeun clearly is marked for stardom.  Will she be the next Suzy, the next Yoona?  To Chaewon and Jinsol we will bequeath the hardest part of the vocal burden, and the hope that April soon will be in the front ranks of girl group stardom.


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