Laboum In the Rain: Viral Adventure?

From last week’s Show Champion broadcast, Laboum take the stage with “Fresh Adventure” amidst a torrential downpour.  Like Girl’s Day in the rain with “Darling”, there was festive high energy, but only at the end did I realize, thanks to the comments, that Laboum had in fact suffered epic mishap:

–Which is stupidly ironic, because while I was watching the performance I thought to myself, “Well, if they had only fallen, poor things, then maybe they could enjoy a viral breakthrough like GFriend!”  And I did think it peculiar that in five days the video had garnered 38,000 views– nothing staggering, obviously, but considering the mv itself only has a few hundred thousand I thought that noteworthy.

Well, it doesn’t look like poor Laboum will get a huge shot of much-needed attention out of this, but let’s review the damage anyway:

1) at 1:03 Yulhee is down, at Yujeong’s left.  By happenstance or not, the camera cuts away from a longer shot in which all six members are on their feet just before Yulhee goes down– then the camera pulls out from Soyeon and we see Yulhee getting herself up of the floor.  In the next two-fer during Yujeong’s part Yulhee is visibly wincing.

2) at 2:07 it’s Yujeong’s turn, getting back up with a discreet extended arm from a backup dancer.

3) at 2:53 a backup dancer (the other darkhaired one, not the one who helped Yujeong) falls.  [NB: I might as well admit, if it be no infidelity to Laboum, I’ve been nursing a little crush on the peroxide pixie backup girl since the mv dropped. Hi pixie peroxide backup girl!]

Well, I guess everyone made it out okay.  Despite all the calamity, this is a high-spirited performance, perhaps more so as they took stock of their precarious grip on the stage.  Discipline, discipline!  But I hope at least Laboum got some kind of reward–if only the perks of sympathy and admiration– out of this misadventure.  May their patient virtue and creative talent be rewarded with fame and acclaim at last!  Laboum hwaiting!



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