France Will Rise

“Follow me to Grenoble”– and rid Europe of the Muslims, Arabs, Africans, and Arab and African Muslims.

It takes only one hero . . . to cast the die.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    With female inspiration, I’d join the reconquest of France;

    In my case, specifically an inspiration who plays a white guitar. (I’ve learned her name’s Roxanne BTW lol)

    1. You’ve been missed!

      The alt-right is reeling with the hilarious trolling of “Dr Chuck Tingle” author of the absurdist gay dinosaur porn “Space Raptor Butt Invasion” which Vox Day has successfully machinated to get nominated for a Hugo award.

      There are those who think da GBFM(TM) is behind it all. I’m not so sure (if only because frankly GBFM didn’t get on so well with VD, and VD seems to have inside knowledge about all this), but whoever is behind it has certainly studied GBFM’s methods VERY closely!

      Anyway, it’s certainly the most hysterical thing we’ve seen since whenever last GBFM surfaced. Brilliant stuff!

  2. Eric · · Reply

    Thanks! I’ve been convalescing lately from an old injury that’s flared up again, so I’ve been out of the Manosphere more than usual. I’m going to have to catch up on Dr. Tingle,,,

    I don’t know about GB4M being behind it—especially because I suspect Vox of being behind his blog getting banned.

    A likely suspect might be a blogger (don’t know if he’s still active) who ran a site called ‘Pro-Male Anti-Feminist Tech’. PMAFT was a big fan of Vox and also into sci-fi. He used to write some parodies of GB4M, too. Once he trolled Keoni Galt’s site under the name ‘GreatTVShowsformen.’
    He was most famous in the Manosphere for a debate he got into with a Male Feminist named John Scalzi, who (if I remember correctly) was trying to get Vox thrown off the Hugo Awards.

    1. I hope things are well on your end.

      I’d never heard of PMAFT, I just bookmarked him & I’ll have to check it out. With the Trump campaign going (last hope of humanity) I’ve largely ignored the blogs that aren’t focused closely on the election. Heartiste has largely become political; I assume Dalrock isn’t so I just haven’t gone around there lately. Patriactionary took a sabbatical a while back–I’ll have to see if he’s returned.

      Well it’s funny John Scalzi should be in this, since he’s Vox’s bĂȘte noire. But I guess we’re a small little world!

      I’ve halfheartedly thought of writing a sci-fi novel myself, but even from a Redpill perspective I’m afraid it’d just wind up some sort of ridiculous parody.

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