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“Windy Day” on Music Bank

Oh My Girl bring the new single for their repackage album to the stage: with, as we would expect, exceptional costuming and choreography, as well as all their vocal and inimitable visual appeal! Even if the video hadn’t been a visual tone poem, this would make for a highly gratifying new promotion. Advertisements

Glorious A Pink in Taipei

  In nautical whites, presenting a trio of megahits. A fan screams for Bomi, Bomi waves!  All, all is awesome!  A Pink hwaiting!

GFriend Waterpark Around

A brief interview of cuteness with GFriend:   Yerin hardly gets to do anything, but she looks so cute!

FIESTAR’s “Apple Pie” MV Review

This video and song is not on the visual and sonic level (which was splendid, though the lyrics were wicked) of “One More”, but it’s not the total embarrassment some viewers are suggesting either. I say that by way of having skimmed the comments at asianjunkie before watching the video.  Yes, the song isn’t a […]


The heart of man disposeth his way: but the Lord must direct his steps. Prov 16:9 Cf. Prince Hamlet: “the readiness is all.”

Jimmy Carter: White God?

Sam Eskimoson narrates President Carter’s visit to Liberia, a nation he oddly seems to think should “hate” us because slavery “joins” us.  But this is the home of freed slaves!  Why should they not be grateful to us? There’s something hilariously jaunty in the footage of the unassuming Carter greeted by black throngs (made all […]

April’s “Jelly” on Show Champion

I’d seen one “Jelly” stage performance before (was it from a showcase?), but I just caught this performance from their Show Champion Comeback stage a while back: Yena does the “funky” stuff! lolzozl  Well, I’m glad she got a chance to shine.  This song has always reminded me of Hara’s solo album, and in this […]

Richard Nixon: Keep the Major Powers out of the Middle East

In the wake of the Yom Kippur crisis, which threatened nuclear war, the supposedly “””drunk””” and “””drugged-out””” (hey, if you can’t believe Al Haig, who can you trust!) President Nixon addresses the media on the peacekeeping efforts and the hopes of a permanent peace in the Middle East (with no engagement of United States forces […]

Ronald Reagan: For a Human Life Amendment

The “””senile””” Ronald Reagan of 1987 delivers remarks on ending federal aid for abortion counseling and addresses the suffering of aborted fetuses: –which, as he reminds his audience, he had tackled before, to the outraged remonstances of the liberal press, only to receive medical confirmation from numerous physicians.  That was 1987, and how comparatively primitive […]

“The stars in secret influence comment”

I drafted a few couplets to accompany each of the “Destiny” Comeback stages, but those weren’t satisfactory (or even quite complete), so I’ll let Shakespeare offer one in annotation of the M! Countdown performance: “That this huge stage presenteth nought but shows Whereon the stars in secret influence comment;”   This was pessimism on old […]

“I Don’t Care”

Is that offensive?  “I don’t care,” Trump says.  Neither should you. He doesn’t have to take to the internet to say it– though his phenomenal twitter feed has itself changed the shape of political discourse in 2016 “Sad!”? lolzolz  No, it’s yuge!).  Trump says it right there, off the cuff, to their face– the face […]

Baek Ah Yeon “So-So” MV Review

It’s been three years since pop starlet Baek Ah Yeon sauntered into my heart with the luminous “Good Boy”, an effulgently charming  retro concept which vied with such megahits as “No No No” and “Bar Bar Bar” as my defining Summer ’13 tune. After that, Baek had a relatively low profile until last year’s “Shouldn’t Have” […]

Trump All the Way

We have the man, the plan, and the delegates too. Now let’s Cantor Ryan.  Purge the party.  All the illegals have to leave– and they’re not dropping the anchors on us. Outlaw Muslim immigration.  Make America free to insult Allah again.  The real God puts up with this abuse– but for how much longer? And […]

Happy Birthday Ah Young!

The Dal Shabet singer-actress turns twenty-five! Sigh.  And to think, at this rate Kei will be an old lady before Trump’s first term is over.  Where does the time go?  [Tears.]  Where does it go?!? And while we’ve said for a long time that Ah Young is so, ah!, young– and though we know that, […]

OMG!: Tarkovsky, Lynch, Resnais: Oh My Girl’s “Windy Day” MV Review

Unlooked for, unexpected, and unspeakable: If you thought this surprise mv drop was going to be a lo-fi throwaway, think again! At first you think, “Wow, it’s kinda like ‘Me Gustas Tu’ with a bit of ‘Brand New Day’ thrown in–terrific!”  And then you get to the forest shots, and you think, “OMG! This is […]

Who the f**k is Cheryl Strayed?

Yeah, I don’t check out the adult coloring books aisle at B&N, but if “Cheryl Strayed” is the second most famous author besides Stephen King to sign this “Writers Against Trump” nonsense, what does that say? Of course, I’m sure loads of glitterati are signatories to this fabulous manifesto.  Needless to say, who cares?  Virgil, […]

Lovelyz Cover Some Old SNSD Song, Adding Further Proof To My Thesis That Lovelyz Is The New SNSD

Am I allowed to confess, after all these years, that I still don’t know any of the Into the New World songs because every time I’ve tried to watch “Into the New World” I give up because it’s so embarrassing and stupid? You see, for me SNSD absolutely begins with “Gee”.  And though I realize […]

I Forgot Jiae’s Birthday

On Saturday, May 21st she turned twenty-three. But in my defense, I did listen to A New Trilogy almost three whole times that day.  So, it was not a day without its honor and love for Lovelinusness! Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday, Jiae!  I know your bandmates must’ve showered you with fun presents and camaraderie and […]

Tahiti’s “The Secret” MV Review

Tahiti is back– but it’s only serendipity that we’ve found out so fast. Before last year, Tahiti already was a seemingly forgotten entity– so much so that some speculated they had suffered one of those unannounced disbandments [NB: Does anybody have poor TINT’s phone number?] But then Tahiti suddenly got some luck and released “Phone […]

Actually, it was Eric who said that!

I got up quite early this morning, under the mistaken impression I might virtuously go off grocery shopping during the halcyon 8:30 to 10:30am time when the place is bright and calm and quiet and nobody’s clogging the aisles except little old ladies who might need help but that’s fine.  But of course, I didn’t […]

“Honestly Betsy how do you come up with such great imagery to create these thought provoking ideas? “

–Overheard while reading the comments at asianjunkie’s announcement of Jia’s departure from miss A. I just started reading them to get a quick sense of how pissed off people were at JYP, but to my surprise things turned into a little T-ara discussion, with someone saluting their longevity and others predictably trash-talking in response. And […]


Bolsheviks, using every criteria to delineate Bolsheviks, are half of the SCOTUS. Gender angered, low level legal thinking. –Tweets Dr. Napoleon.  And Barry Obama had the chutzpah to nominate another Jew, whom he hilariously refers to as a “white man”. President Trump must devise some sort of Court-packing measure and scare the judiciary into behaving.  […]

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Yena!

April’s chipmunk-fairy celebrates her birthday! And the “Tinkerbell” promotions march on, despite poor Hyunjoo’s illness.  Hopefully she is getting better and all of April can join in to celebrate Yena’s special day, just as not long ago they did for Naeun:   Anyway, though old age is a calamity (as Sonnet 15, which I’ve been […]

Jia Leaves missA; JYP Claims Group Isn’t Finished, But It Is

In an unsurprising turn of events, a miss A member has finally jumped ship.  From soompi: On May 20, JYP Entertainment revealed, “We are informing you about miss A members Jia and Fei’s contracts. Jia’s contract with JYP Entertainment ended on May 20. We genuinely support Jia who has spent a long time with JYP Entertainment […]

Laboum’s Seventh (?) Show Champion “Journey to Atlantis” Stage

–And apparently the whole time MBC Music has been posting them with the title “Jourmey to Atlantis”?!  Oh well. The nautical outfits lend an enchanting pastoral feel.  Both Solbin’s ponytail and Yujeong’s straw hat are fetching and flattering, as well as Haein’s sport kerchief and Soyeon’s bared midriff.  Having shed their backup dancers (too late […]

Happy Birthday Haein!

Laboum’s anime-ted cutie turns 21!   And, as with her May-b-day mate Soyeon, we wish refulgent Haein a happy birthday!  Though Laboum remains dreadfully underappreciated at large, we appreciate the “Journey to Atlantis” comeback as what will endure as one of the greatest musical events of the year– an anthem worthy even for the Donald […]

Jessica’s “Love Me the Same” MV Review

Jessica’s mid-tempo companion track “Love Me the Same” receives a music video treatment awash in whimsical adult aegyo, with a flirty, lovelorn Jessica beaming and scheming her way back into our hearts– or rather, reminding us why this forlorn K-pop goddess never left them! Set in a more upscale version of the hipster dwellings of […]

Jessica’s “Fly” MV Review

Did the gods conspire to bring 8NSD Tiffany and former SNSD Jessica head-to-head with their solo debuts, with videos both filmed in California, and reportedly sharing a backup dancer?  Is so much synchronicity in the cosmic cards, or did the K-pop industry (or even the girls themselves) quietly whisper to bring about this state of […]

Lovelyz Brought “Fondant” to Show Champion!

Showcasing Lovelyz’ foray on A New Trilogy (with this and “Baby Doll”) into what might almost be described as country music, the girls brought an abridged rendition of track 3, “Fondant”: –which I had sadly missed until now.  Also, they cut that part where Sujeong, I believe, sings something like “Love takes some practice” (I […]

Laboum: “Journey to Atlantis”, Show Champion Ep 185

Whatever the travails that led to crowdfunding the mv for “Journey to Atlantis”/”Fresh Adventure”, Laboum at least has been able to enjoy a more consistent sequence of promotions for the song.  Hopefully with each comeback they creep closer to the commercial success their talent demands! Lately I’ve been enjoying the Eng sub versions made by […]

Lovelyz’ “Destiny”: the 2nd Show Champion Stage

For the supposed foster child of Korea’s weekly music show broadcasts, MBC’s Show Champion maintains stellar production values, especially in the department of luminous, fluid camerawork: Here, just as back in 2014 with “Candy Jelly Love”, we view Lovelyz through sharp long shot compositions zooming in with quick but fluent motions, allowing us to take […]

And Then There Were 4pril: “Tinkerbell” sans Hyunjoo

There’s no pleasure in having to miss our poor Hyunjoo, but in the meantime April is pressing on with “Tinkerbell” promotions as a foursome: As far as I can tell, Jinsol is lipsynching the Hyunjoo parts without any further attempts to modify the song.  Which is fine (I guess Yena’s lipsyncing most of her parts […]

“Liar Liar” With a Pink Whale!

It’s in the lyrics people!  And I can’t believe I haven’t got around to posting it here– and if I had, by all means let’s see it again! Pretty much any stage for “Liar Liar” is an entertainment, but for sheer cuteness bringing Pink Ocean’s imagination of a pink whale to the screen this one […]

Whit Stillman Does Austen: The “Love and Friendship” trailer

Jane Austen’s epistolary novelette Lady Susan is a famous literary curiosity: possibly influenced by Choderlos de Laclos’ scandalous Les Liaisons Dangereuses, it is Austen’s lone treatment of an anti-heroine, a scheming, cynical femme fatale whose wicked voice commands the pages and conveys most of the narrative.  I actually once subjected a girlfriend to an oral […]

“It’s Rubio!” lolzlzlolz

And to think I had never watched this before:   Unbelievable!

Lovelyz On An Aquarium Space Station Orbiting the Moon

Their KBS Music Bank Comeback Stage had them dancing in front of unicorns and picture frames looking out over an alien solar system, but the backdrop for their second-week Show! Music Core stage may be the most conceptual baroque yet– an underseascape looking out upon the moon! And our lavender princesses of pop emoting so […]

April’s Hyunjoo Takes Sabbatical

April’s loveably sardonic Hyunjoo is suffering health problems: Girl group April’s Hyunjoo will not be participating in group promotions until further notice due to experiencing issues with her health. On May 12, DSP Media announced that Hyunjoo will temporarily halt all group activities. According to the agency, Hyunjoo has been suffering from breathing problems and frequent headaches, which have made it difficult for her to perform on music […]

Happy Birthday Noeul!

Hurry up and wish Rainbow’s Noeul a happy birthday, because we’ve almost missed it! But thank you for Prism, and all your cutely “fierce” charms!  Noeul hwaiting!

Ann Coulter: “NO REPENTANCE for f-ing J*** tweet!”

DAMN RIGHT, Ann! Ann Coulter’s effing Jews tweet will be remembered as the most non-Trump culturally liberating moment of the Reactionary awakening.  It was a moment that inspired awe and cheers, and it moved the Overton Window like a quake.  

Trump in Lynden