Lovelyz Teases What Might Be the Most Aesthetical Music Video of All Time

–or at least, Lovelyz release what may be the most aesthetical teaser video of all time.

And yes I know: “aesthetical” is, at best, about as correct as “classy”.  But here I think it must fit.

Given Lovelyz’ penchant for releasing full mvs for ballads in advance of their album/single releases, I hope we may get a full mv for this track.  Though of course that “begs the question” (most certainly an invalid use of the phrase) why they should release a minute and a half of teaserdom ahead of that.

lovelyz-kei a new trilogy teaser

Regardless:  the Lovelyz comeback, like all their previous comebacks, will be a source of relentless anticipation, and almost certain magnificent gratification once finally it has dropped into our waiting laps.  Oh loveliness to come!  Lovelyz hwaiting!



  1. I haven’t listened to it all because I want to save some surprises but we’ll finally get to hear “Sugar Sugar” from that Fright Night episode of “Lovelyz Diary”!

    Plus a bunch of OnePiece productions! The canon is about to grow!

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