Get better, Seunghee!

After recording a special stage with A Pink for the 500th episode special of Show! Music Core, Oh My Girl’s bratty-eyed cutie Seunghee hyperventilated and passed out.  She’s currently resting in hospital and under evaluation.  We’ll assume she’s just fatigued and will shortly be back on her feet– alas, these poor girls work so hard– and that there’s nothing chronic or more seriously amiss.

Seunghee probably doesn’t want to hear this right now, but a couple of times I’ve hyperventilated during Mahler’s Sixth and feared I was going to pass out too.  I really should never play Mahler in the car. [Ed.:  Nothing more hardcore than Howard Hanson.]  –Yeah, that’s good advice.

Anyway, take care Seunghee!  God bless you, and hwaiting!


One comment

  1. The A Pink/OMG set from last night:

    with the freshly-21 Namjoo, Eunji on the cusp of her solo album, Hayoung in a “Pretty” top (lol), and the OMG members sweetly chirping through the opening stanza of “Mr Chu”!

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