Happy Birthday Namjoo!

Namjoo A Pink twitter birthday 2016

The princess of K-pop turns a womanly 21!

Sigh.  And she was still only eighteen when she shot “Mr Chu”, or even the day she collected that Show! Music Core trophy for the same!

And nineteen through all those award-winning stages of “Luv”.

And when she was but barely twenty she asked us to “Remember”.

And now, now . . .  she’s so old.  Urgh!  Oh Namjoo, why, why! . . .

[Ed.:  And yet, Lovelyz Kei is a month older than Namjoo.]

–Oh good God, Bob, what do you want me to do, kill myself?!?!?

–Well, it’s all very distressing, Namjoo, I admit, but– we still hope–hope— you will have a terrific day, and a wonderful year ahead.  And may all your twenties be youthful twenties too!

namjoo one hallyu birthday 2016.png

Namjoo (and A Pink’s April 19th anniversary single) hwaiting!



  1. Ah, Namjoo, though your birthday is done in Korea, yet it still is your b-day here!

    God bless you, Kim Namjoo, most beloved goddess of K-pop!

  2. The birth of A Pink mania, and Namjoo’s promise to shine!

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