“Journey to Atlantis”: Laboum’s Inkigayo Comeback Stage

Laboum takes up a sporty nautical theme– and snags a full 4 minute playthru– for their Inkigayo Comeback in this lushly-lit performance of the single variously known as “Fresh Adventure”, “Journey to Atlantis” or (literally) “Imagine More.”

Is it too early to compare this song to Shelley?  I’m not sure where else to turn to capture this soaring effervescence wed to an unspoken yearning beyond this world.  Not that the lyrics aren’t commanding in their optimism:  but with each iteration of “Oh hello new wourl!” I feel, as one does only on the sublimest of musical heights, that this Paradise is built before our eyes, yes!– but only on those glimmering wings of tone, that coalesce and pass in an aching, astonishing moment.  Intimations of Heaven?  Is it here, just now, before us?  What heavy, smiling sighs Soyeon and Yujeong must know– such happy girls, so full of mirth, and yet to bear aloft this burden of melody, piercing as it were beyond the stars, to Elysium itself, if only, if only, as long as the song will bear . . . .


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  1. And “Aalow Aalow” was such a short time ago too:

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