Poor Little Namjoopoo is wearing a neckcast

From Singapore, Namjoo instagrams pics of her wearing a neck cast offstage.  She explains:

Personally I feel really healthy, positive, and okay. However, it’s a little hard to control the neck pain. I’m sorry for showing this side of me. But I recover quickly! You trust me right? I’ll work hard for the Singapore performance. I love you all


–I don’t know if this is a chronic thing or a response to some injury I haven’t heard about, but I hope she is right!

On a personal note:  I could probably use a neck cast myself.  Damn thing aches all sorts of ways all sorts of times.  But:  Namjoo, take care!  Your birthday is soon too!  Namjoo hwaiting!


One comment

  1. DiannePinkPandaHersheyAlmeron · · Reply

    Namjoo Unnie,before your birthday we hope you’ll be fine.We Love you and your fellow members.Get well soon Namjoo unnie ❤


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