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Ode to Dr. Tingle

In tribute to the Man of the Hour, and by way of desecrating another High Romantic masterpiece, these extempore lyrics (as originally posted at Vox Day) on the great Space Raptor Butt Invasion bard: Thou still unravished raptor bard of space, Thou foster-foe of Ted Cobbler and time, Dino-eroticer, who can thus express Normal calves more […]

Lovelyz: the “Destiny” Comeback on Show! Music Core

The refulgent Lovelyz present the epic pop jam of the hour: and may silly Twice falter before this onslaught of tempestuous emotion and gliding nymphdom pulsing in purple!

Hey kid, screw you!

No seriously, you lil’ piece of shit. Fuck off.

Dr. Chuck Tingle, American Genius

Aspiring buckaroos everywhere, trying to halt the Devilman agenda and get HARD, it’s time to kiss the sky! Why is Taylor Swift your only Twitter follow? Taylor Swift is an up-and-coming artist that is gaining a lot of big time fans in the underground. My son is a very big fan and I like to […]

April’s “Tinkerbell” MV Review

After weighing the competition for a long time, I named April’s debut mv “Dream Candy” the best mv of 2015.  With its incandescent photography, fantastical aegyo, and endlessly inventive stream of creative images, “Dream Candy” is like a mini Alfonso Cuaron picture.  Now, after a brief creative detour into puppy love with “Muah” and Christmas […]

Lovelyz’ “Destiny” MV Review

Even after GFriend’s terrific Snowflake album and titanic hit “Rough”, there’s still an argument to be made that Lovelyz will be the great girl group of their “generation”.  Thematically akin to A Pink, but iconically linked with classic SNSD, Lovelyz is a group built for hegemonic success and, had it not been for the awful […]

PA on the Alt-Right Consensus

Why Define a Consensus on what’s been Settled? To move forward with our proper focus, the destiny of Western civilization. To distinguish between the legitimate revisiting of old assumptions and the distracting rehashing of old arguments. When were those Questions Settled? Between 2008 and 2013. The great debates on male-female dynamics, race, and the future […]

Happy Anniversary, A Pink!

Celebrating five years in the luminous Age of A Pink with the third of A Pink’s special “April 19th” singles, “The Wave”: And Eunji’s solo ballad– and all the glorious memories and all the music to come, which I must salute here instead of below because the darn cursor is freezing up somehow.  Anyway: A […]

Lovelyz Teases What Might Be the Most Aesthetical Music Video of All Time

–or at least, Lovelyz release what may be the most aesthetical teaser video of all time. And yes I know: “aesthetical” is, at best, about as correct as “classy”.  But here I think it must fit. Given Lovelyz’ penchant for releasing full mvs for ballads in advance of their album/single releases, I hope we may […]

Get better, Seunghee!

After recording a special stage with A Pink for the 500th episode special of Show! Music Core, Oh My Girl’s bratty-eyed cutie Seunghee hyperventilated and passed out.  She’s currently resting in hospital and under evaluation.  We’ll assume she’s just fatigued and will shortly be back on her feet– alas, these poor girls work so hard– […]

Happy Birthday Namjoo!

The princess of K-pop turns a womanly 21! Sigh.  And she was still only eighteen when she shot “Mr Chu”, or even the day she collected that Show! Music Core trophy for the same! And nineteen through all those award-winning stages of “Luv”. And when she was but barely twenty she asked us to “Remember”. […]

April, 2016

Jinsol and the gang are set to return on April 27th!   With what promises to be a luminous and eponymous-appropriate comeback!

And now, a brief word from Oasis

Always fookin’ loved Oasis!  And Noel Gallagher, perhaps the best Western rock song composer since Axl Rose and that dude from Boston, has some words for his lesser near-contemporary, Bono: Noel Gallagher Reacts Angrily To Bono’s Spreading Love To Terrorists: ‘I’d Prefer To Kill Them All’ –retweeted by Donald Trump!  Holy crap, let’s rawk!   […]

When the Laboum “Pops in Seoul” Tetralogy Became the– oh heck, just watch it

When “Aalow Aalow” came out in December, the next question of course was, “When will Laboum return to Pops in Seoul to show off their camaraderie and comedic timing once more?”  And I had my answer, when Laboum showed up in the format that replaced “Secret Box” (how I miss “Secret Box”!) to purchase questions […]

“Journey to Atlantis”: Laboum’s Inkigayo Comeback Stage

Laboum takes up a sporty nautical theme– and snags a full 4 minute playthru– for their Inkigayo Comeback in this lushly-lit performance of the single variously known as “Fresh Adventure”, “Journey to Atlantis” or (literally) “Imagine More.” Is it too early to compare this song to Shelley?  I’m not sure where else to turn to […]

A Pink Wins Music Bank, Two Years Ago Today

Youth is fleeting, but not so fleeting that our vernal heroines are not blossoms unwithered today as we note the anniversary of a career-making win on Music Bank with the splendorous “Mr Chu”:   And in other happy news, someone last night blew up an Arab school in Malmo!  White Nationalism, Ice Supremacy:  may God […]

Frosty Glades

GFriend in powder blue, what more need be said? That, and “Rough” is perhaps the greatest non-A Pink single of the decade. [Ed.:  You’ve changed, man.] –Well, I mean of course this and “Ah Choo” and “Hi” and all that too. But really, if this gets the Single of the Year trophy, don’t be surprised.  […]

“I just saw a pic of a black girl & white girl toddlers asleep holding hands. Seriously? A bit much don’t you think? Stop this gay shit!”

–says– wait, do I even want to invoke this spirit?– well, that D-list crazy chick. Anyway, Ricky Vaughn is quite amused with her late tear on twitter, where I’m reading it, and I must say I’m enjoying the cut of these jibs. Of course it’s actually much worse than a little over the top– but […]

Suzy Supports Laboum!

Nation’s First Love stumpsNation’s First Love stumps for the most underrepresented great talent of K-pop: miss A’s Suzy recently showed some sweet support for her juniors! On April 8, she uploaded a screenshot of LABOUM’s new song “Fresh Adventure” on her personal Instagram. In the caption she wrote, “Good song.” –And I had begun to […]

Move to Idaho, Mickey!

I was just thinking about Kaus’s failed California Senate primary campaign this afternoon, and here I read this tweet from his pal Ann Coulter: She must have been thinking about it too.

Laboum “Fresh Adventure” MV Review

It’s already a year and a half into the career of Laboum, yet they have the charm of making each comeback feel like a fresh debut.  This sweet effect is all the more engaging for their hardcore fans since, to our chagrin, they have thus far failed to break out into the mid-tier ranks of […]

Poor Little Namjoopoo is wearing a neckcast

From Singapore, Namjoo instagrams pics of her wearing a neck cast offstage.  She explains: Personally I feel really healthy, positive, and okay. However, it’s a little hard to control the neck pain. I’m sorry for showing this side of me. But I recover quickly! You trust me right? I’ll work hard for the Singapore performance. I love you […]

Oh My Girl’s Jiho: Winks, Kisses, Hearts, Spins

Revered for their “tight choreography” talents, Oh My Girl’s Jiho doesn’t disappoint in this mnet fancam clip for “Liar Liar”; but just the brief preview snippet as she waits in the wings and flirts with the camera is worth the price of admission! Be still my heart!  And, lest we forget, April 4th is her […]

The CIA uses live explosives in school “terror attack” “drills”

–hey wait, the f**king CIA holds terror drills in public schools?!?!? Sandy Hook is a fake.  Pass it along.

“Remaining Migs Are Bugging Out”

–You’re telling me. . . . I can’t believe I was stupid enough to dream this morning about the dogfight at the end of Top Gun— a movie I haven’t seen since I saw it in the theatre as a kid. What next, nightmares about Bananarama?