A snapshot of the idiotic moral smugness of Ted Cruz supporters

–courtesy of commenter AP writing on March 14th at a Derbyshire column at The Unz Review:

Interesting and generally correct analysis. I’m sort of inclined to include a fifth “party” led by Ted Cruz. Derb lumps him together with the neocons/establishment but his support seems to have distinct features and pattern of geographic support warranting its own category.

So if the Democratic Party consists of White Gentry and Unionized/NAM; the Republican Party consists of Derb’s identified White Prole Party (Trump), Donorist/Capitalist/Neocon (Rubio/Bush), and Wholesome Christian/Prosperous Farmer Party (Ted Cruz). The latter is largely rural or small town, angry at cultural debasement, and based in largely rural areas where the social fabric of local society has not broken down, such as Mormon country, western Michigan, Iowa and the non-rust-best Midwest, and those rural areas of other states that do not have meth or heroin problems. [boldface his]

–Even AP’s opening compliment is essentially pointless, seeing as how he immediately dives into his shilling on behalf of Sen. Ted Cruz, whose magnificent uniqueness of course reflects in AP’s mind the marvelous qualities of himself and his peers in whichever Germano-Scandinavian Lutheran hellhole of obliviousness he hails from.

And I would say all of that, simply on the basis of Ted Cruz being a square-heading, petroleum jelly-lubed weirdo who wants to suckerpunch the great Vladimir Putin at the behest of Zionist warmongerers.

But let us take a moment to savor the “cultural debasement” AP is rightful heir too now that his idol Ted Cruz has been predictably unmasked as a serial adulterer, sex maniac, and pathological liar literally in bed with our degenerate media!

My god, this asshole “AP” is so highfallutin’ he even had to write “non-rust-belt Midwest”, as if to say, “God forbid I be lumped in with some unwashed factory-town dweller!”  Heaven forfend he should be mistaken for the sort of awful wretch who lives in a town where the plant closed– how déclassé!   No, AP is far too godfearing a man ever to have the Lord let that happen to his community! . . .

Truly, this AP character epitomizes the fake-smartness and moral Phariseeism of the typical Cruz crewer, just as many of us in the Alt-Right have long complained.  He clearly is not as smart as he thinks he is, and his smug philistinism, based upon a hateful caricature of life outside of suburban Salt Lake City or the campus of the University of Iowa, is risible.  After all, we can trust AP to pick the right candidate to lead us into Brazilification, financial ruin, and endless wars of Jewish lebensraum because AP isn’t like those awful voters in Republican primary states full of nasty unedumacated Trump folks who do drugs . . . .


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