Laboum!! “Fresh Adventure” teasers!!

The release date isn’t till April 6th, but Laboum is slowly trotting out a stream of teasers for what promises to be a fresh and flirty and very spring-ful comeback!

Teen goddess Solbin:



And the toothy charms of main vocal Soyeon:


–whose revolving finger perhaps gives us a bit of the choreo.  More teaser clips (I assume) are imminent!  OMG does ZN get to be the blonde this time?!



  1. A dreamy Yujeong:

  2. I caught ZN and Yujeong when they came out, but for some reason although the last ones have now been out a while they weren’t showing on Laboum’s official youtube page’s front (tho they’re there if you click on videos). So here at last is Haein (no longer pink tressed but still touching her hair!)

  3. . . . and glorious baby Yulhee!:

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