Oh My Girl’s “Liar Liar” MV review


The gorgeously supersaturated colors alone are enough to mark “Liar Liar” as a major aesthetic event in the pop culture annals of 2016.  With the fantastical sets, aegyo overload, and all those smoothly wrought deep neon hues, this video looks like a Legofied update on Alfonso Cuaron’s rapturous 1995 film adaptation of A Little Princess.  Indeed, with all the prankish spying, accusatory round-tables, and endlessly roaming camerawork, it reminds me of Rene Clair’s ingenious 1940s film of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None–a story whose combination of relentless logic and surreal whimsy is not entirely alien to the world of Alice in Wonderland invoked by the girls’ playful Victorian-come-hipster costuming.  And the world of dream-logic is most explicitly summoned in those garish underwater shots, suggestive of the famous set-piece in Argento’s Inferno, but here presumably serving a much happier purpose– even if the girls can only satisfy their competitive romantic longings in the magical escape of their dreams . . . .

Musically, I’m pegging this as another effort from the Swedes-for-hire like “Closer”{NB: why bother doing original research? It’s still Easter![.  It’s an acceptably fine song in its way, and if I’d never know of the likes of Shinsadong Tiger or Duble Sidekick I’d probably be swell on it.  But because Korea’s native musical talents plainly do much more melodic and accomplished music today than their tone-deaf counterparts in the West, I’m going to rate “Liar Liar” the song as so-so.  It gives Oh My Girl room enough to show off their charms, and that’s fine.  But imagine what they could do with Sweetune!

In truth I thought last autumn’s “Closer” video, though lavishly and lovingly mounted, was too predictable, too Disneyfied.  Compared to April’s “Dream Candy” (with its staggering barrage of whimsically inventive and appealing imagery) it looks bland and self-conscious.  The OMG girls, for all their loveliness, perhaps played their fairytale princess characters too woodenly.  Oh My Girl do possess staggeringly cutesy looks, which they should use to their best advantage: and “Liar Liar” happily lets them interplay in teasingly fretful ways, miming and mugging for the camera to our great delight.  “Cupid” is still a better jam, and their angel-girl costumes in that video are still the very cutest thing they’ve done.  But the “Liar Liar” mv makes an excellent follow-up on that side of their appeal.  And the sheer photographic excellence of the video will make it a pleasure to watch again and again.


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  1. Their (figuratively) explosive comeback stage on M! Countdown (extra bonus points for the funky chunky platforms that left me thinking for a full minute they were somehow performing on roller skates):

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