Muslims Must Go Home: Christendom Belongs To Whites

The extremist faith known as Islam has no place among White people.  We don’t believe in it, we don’t like it: in fact, it revolts us and we will never believe in it.  Sooner or later– be warned– we will not tolerate it: and the consequences for those of you who have imprudently imposed yourselves upon our company and our charity will be dire.

Exceptionally few White people can even muster sincere sympathy for its culture.  While Hindu Vedanta metaphysics, Taoism, Confucianism, Shinto, and most major schools of Buddhism have attracted the keen curiosity and admiration of many great Western minds (Leibniz, Goethe, Emerson, Schopenhauer, etc.), very few go through the motions of pretending to admire Islam.

Sure, Nietzsche in his last year said some nice things about it, but he was writing in The Antichrist at his most fervid pitch of anti-Christian zealotry and probably suffering the onset of insanity.  Burton and T. E. Lawrence were attracted to a romanticized version of Islam, perhaps both men motivated by sexual longings that weren’t permissible under the gaze of Western mores.  But most serious thinkers and scholars of White Europe and its diaspora have always understood that Islam is the ugly and unloveable foster child of World Religions: derivative, artificial, bombastic, violent, intolerant, unspiritual, and at bottom frankly stupid, which is what one should expect considering its origins among the boondocks of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Pathological altruists today scream on twitter that a “#StopIslam” hashtag is worse than the deaths of innocents, because it incites “Islamophobia” against a billion “innocent” Muslims worldwide.  Wrong.

We are not calling for an unnecessary crusade to convert Muslim lands to democracy nor to Christ.  We are calling for the removal of Muslims from our lands.  This is right and just, and it will be done–by peaceable means, or come what may.

The deaths of thirty innocent people are much worse than the hurt feelings of a billion Muslims.  Christians in Christian lands today have to witness the daily blasphemies of Jewish media against the incarnate Messiah, even while we refrain from depicting or insulting the pedophile upstart “Prophet” that Muslims ridiculously venerate as though he were a god.  Christians refuse to molest, maim, or kill the Jews and fellow-traveler secularists who deride Christ, yet Muslims routinely slaughter unarmed civilians for no offense other than being peaceful White people living in their own lands.  To Hell with Muslim “immigrants”!

Disgust for and aversion to Muslims, particularly Arab and African Muslims, is natural and rational.  Islam itself is an unforgiving faith peculiarly suited to unhappy and confused young men looking to validate their feelings of inferiority.  What in the Upanishads or the Analects or the Lotus Sutra so caters to the mental complexes of low-IQ and sexually frustrated peasants as the teachings and traditions of Islam?  It is risible to pretend that Islam is not far more violent– rhetorically, morally, and historically– than other world religions.  The Crusades were a counter-offensive after four centuries of ceaseless Muslim warfare against Christendom’s borders and piracy (including slave and sex-slave trafficking) against Whites upon the Mediterranean.  The entire history of European “colonialism” cannot compare in violence or duration with what Islam did to Christian Iberia or the Byzantine Empire (where minarets and crescents still desecrate one of the holiest sites in Christendom, Hagia Sophia)–or, for that matter, to Hindu India.

And we did not force Christianity upon them when we occupied the Middle East or Southeast Asia or Africa.  This, even though Black Africans, Moors, and Arabs are the most violent, backward, and generally low-IQ populations on the planet:  genetically condemned to stupidity, they cannot comprehend, let alone share in, civilized Western norms such as parliamentary democracy, equality before the law, or religious freedom.  If anyone is justified to resort to outrageous violence and authoritarian measures, it is White people against Muslims– yet we have refrained ourselves, despite ceaseless cruel provocations by these physically ugly, mentally stunted, and spiritually stillborn indigent panhandlers.  Muslims in Europe and other White lands–you face an imminent and righteous peril.  Get out: get out, and tell your friends to stay out.

Muslims generally are among the least “innocent” people on earth.  With astonishingly high levels of consanguineous marriage (seventy percent of marriages in Pakistan are between first cousins), they not only suffer the ill effects of massive inbreeding but are incredibly tribal and ethnocentric.  The moral and legal norms of Western individualism simply cannot comprehend the cancerous mafia that is tribal Islamic identity.  Terrorists do not plan, act, or die alone: for every terrorist there is a rat-like colony of abetters, sympathizers, co-conspirators and well-wishers.  Every Muslim who commits a crime in a White nation should not only be immediately punished to the full extent of the law, but his family immediately should be deported or even jailed, then deported.  It is right that Muslims should suffer for the harm they and their fellows cause.

Ideally, all Muslims should immediately be deported, without further regard for any legalistic complications– and all those who have troubled the peace of the White natives should be executed.  All Muslim rapists, sexual asaulters, and gropers of White women or children should in fact be summarily executed by hanging and left publicly to rot for the edification of their victims and their sympathizers alike.  All mosques or other sites of Islamic worship should be bulldozed.  All Muslims must be gone.  Islam should in fact be forbidden by law– one of several seemingly shocking reversals which (like the abolition of female suffrage) are necessary and just measures to correct our civilizational decline.

We do not call for “nation-building” in historically Muslim lands.  Muslims are free to follow their own destiny (perverse as it may be) in their own historic homelands.  But they have no right to the attention or charity of White or Christian peoples, and they absolutely enjoy no right whatsoever to relocate to (or even travel within) our lands.

There are, of course, here and there Muslims, perhaps many millions of them in absolute numbers, who are by reasonable standards basically sane, wholesome people, who believe in honesty, integrity, moderation, curiosity.  They do not wish to mutilate their daughters nor kill their neighbors.  Insofar as they live among less enlightened people, they may devoutly wish to liberalize their societies along more peaceful and generous lines.  I wish them well.  Those of us of the reactionary Right are content to share the planet with nations that do not share our religious or cultural perspectives, so long as they do not interfere violently in our own affairs.  But we will not save them from themselves, and we will not take them in.

Attempting to “immigrate” into our lands is an act of violence.  It is an act of pure aggression.  We did not invite you.  We do not want you.  We certainly do not need you.  As long as you intend to dwell among us, we will hate you and thwart you, and ultimately we shall repel you– at the point of a gun if need be, or even in a coffin if it comes to that.  We mean for our borders to be real, to be defended– even if it means shooting “refugees”, even if it means bombing boatloads of “refugees”.  These would be acts of Just War, necessary to preserve our integrity, our property, our freedom, our sacred Christian heritage, the innocence of our children, and our very lives.  And we will not be content until our streets are free of the sight of you.

In Europe there shall be:  No Turks; No Arabs; No “Pakis”; No Moors; No Blacks;– and, I may as well add in passing, No Jews.  Europe is White.  To Hell with your damned headscarves and your guttural shriekings.  To Hell with your feckless brown youth.  To Hell with your preening, lying, victim-playing lunatic old men.  To Hell with your burner phones and suicide vests.  To Hell with The Guardian and The Independent too.  Traitors won’t find a comfortable home in Christendom either.  You still have your homes, shitholes as they (being full of losers just like you) are.  Go back to them immediately.

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When what has to be done gets done, it won’t be “extralegal”, it won’t be “terrorism”.  It will be the Popular Will of the people, legally enforced.  We will have just governments..  We will be led by men of our own choosing, of our own people, who put our righteous interests first and foremost.  No Merkel, no Sarkozy nor Blair nor Hollande, will save you.  They will not save themselves.  Donald Trump is the least of your worries.  He is, bless him, a “moderate” like me.  But we will not stop harder men from doing what must be done to be rid of you.  White men in America will stand firm with the White Men of Europe, in taking all measures necessary to be rid of your mincing mewling Muslim invasive selves.  You will not return.  Many of you  will not escape.

Muslims:  you are warned.  Get out now, before our elections make things more difficult for you.  Every day you delay, there will be less comfort, less security in your removal.  If you continue to tarry, we cannot be blamed for what befalls you and your families as events begin to accelerate beyond your control.  You will not control events when we become too angry– when peaceable removal may be too wearisomely long for us to bother with.  You piss us off.  You’re ugly and you’re stupid and you smell bad, and you should never have underestimated these strikes against you to begin with.  Who the devil are you to intrude yourselves upon beautiful, brilliant White people?  Nobody likes you: you don’t even like yourselves.  And you cry for our sympathy?  Fuck you.  We have sterner feelings than that.  Pack your family and leave, before it is too late.  When it is too late, we won’t care what we do with you, and our consciences won’t trouble us afterwards.  Even your people back at home may suffer, and suffer bitterly.  We are stronger than you, we are better than you in every way– and that is not even considering that God is on our side.  You were warned.  Now bugger off.


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