Happy Birthday Boram!: T-ara’s Boram turns th-ff-fe-fur-fffrrr–

t-ara look optical fansign event (48) 2014



BoRam yeppudaa



Yes, thirty . . .

chinese mummy beauty of xiaohe latimes 52947639

Well, this is exceptionally painful and awkward for all of us, and for none more so than the little old lady in question herself, –but she still looks remarkably well-preserved in spite of all, and we must not begrudge her to point out that, for all her heavy weight of years, we still love her and wish her, in her old age,  all the comforts that music, wealth, celebrity, famous family and friends, a loving God, and a remarkably wrinkle-free visage can bestow.  All these, and– if it be not indecent to suggest (children having children, what is the world coming to?) perhaps she will soon enough find a husband too and progeny of her own, while it is still not– too late!

t-ara boram marine

We love you, Boramsipoo!  Happy Birthday!





  1. 29 and a half didn’t treat Boram too bad!

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