Yerin, Yein, Yeri, Hyeri, Hyemi . . . wait, is there someone called ‘Hyerin’?

[Ed.: It’s that chick from EXID!]

Ah, crap. So it is.  Wait– so who the flip is Hyemi?!

Wait, Hyemi’s in 9Muses?  You know, I must’ve made that name up because I thought we were talking about the girl in FIESTAR.

[Ed.:  Are you even kidding me?  I mean, I just can’t even– . . . ]

Hey, cut me some slack.  I’ve got T-ara, A Pink, Lovelyz, Laboum, and now GFriend for canon within the canon.  I’ve got SNSD and Dal Shabet, KARA and miss A, Rainbow and now April, I’ve got, I’ve got, uh, Girl’s Day and Red Velvet and then, uh, well there’s Crayon Pop and, uh [Ed.:  Name the members.]  Oh, s**t!  Wait, there’s like Gummy or something?!?!  I . . . can’t. . . remember!

No seriously, first I thought Hyemi was FIESTAR and then I thought my brain had just pooted that name out.  I can’t believe Hyemi’s a real person.  I mean I guess I’d encountered the name but I can’t tell all of 8Muses apart so   Can’t–rem. . .  But I’m sure whichever one she is I still “can’t believe she’s a real person” because, like, they’re all so awesome.  [Ed.:  So why don’t you know all their names, dipshit?]  Because I’m busy and I have all the knowledge of the world to keep up with, it’s just very hard to remember–all–of–argh!–K-pop girls !!! . . . .


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