Happy Birthday Kei!

Kei lovelyz-marie-claire3

Already-legendary K-pop megagoddess Lovelyz’ Kei turns 21!

As not only the Main Vocal but the Face and de facto Leader (we know Baby Soul works hard but Kei is the den mother who nurses everyone’s troubles and teaches them how to spend their money and keeps them calm) of Lovelyz, it cannot be denied that (as one performance’s youtube commenter noted) Kei is Sailor Moon and the rest of Lovelyz is the Sailor Scouts taking up their new gig as pop stars!

Mind you, I don’t really know anything about Sailor Moon so I hope there’s no racy or disgusting subtext to that show, but suffice it to say that babydoll Kei is like everything otherworldly and aethereal and supertalented and mega-aegyo about Korea all in one person!  Kei, we luv you!  Happy Birthday, and God bless you! Kei hwaiting!


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